50 Best Appsumo Deals in November 2022: 98% Off [Lifetime Deals]

by Rasedul Hasan Rasel

If you’re a blogger, you know that finding ways to save money on tools and services is crucial. That’s why AppSumo is such a valuable resource—it offers amazing deals on software and tools for bloggers.

In this post, we’ll share the 50 Best Appsumo Deals in November 2022: 98% Off [Lifetime Deals]. So whether you’re looking to save money on a new website builder or want to get a discount on an online course, read on for the discount!

Best Appsumo Deals In November 2022 – Save Huge

1. Writecream (Your secret weapon for SEO, Sales, and Marketing): 96% OFF

If you want your recipients open, click, and respond to your emails, you must write personalized emails. Cold email writing at scale is brainstorming and time-consuming. But we have a solution for you.

Here it is: Appsumo Writecream

appsumo writecream

Why should you use Writecream?

To generate a variety of content and get effective cold outreach, this software is best for content marketers.

  • Create hundreds of personalized intros in seconds.
  • Advanced email personalization
  • Create ad copy in one click.
  • With a single click, you can create ad copy.

Writecream Pricing:

Writecream pricing

Writecream’s lifetime deal is only $59 at AppSumo, compared to its original price of $1440.

How To Get Writecream Lifetime Deal?

2. Nichesss (Get amazing content and profitable idea): 94% OFF

If you want to find business ideas, niches, social media content, and engaging marketing copies Nichesss is the one-stop solution for you.

Here it is: Appsumo Nichesss

Why should you use Nichesss?

appsumo nichesss

This is the best marketing tool available.

  • AI Marketing Copy Maker
  • Artificial Intelligence Idea Generator
  • Create newsletters
  • Create email subject lines
  • Make Instagram posts and tweets on Twitter.

Nichesss Pricing:

Nichesss lifetime deal is only $59 at AppSumo, compared to its original price of $999.

How To Get Nichesss Lifetime Deal?

3. SendFox (Affordable Email Marketing Solution): 93% OFF

You may have a popular blog, a YouTube channel, or a podcast with a huge number of subscribers.

However, the main concern is how to continue engaging with them and convert those followers and subscribers into customers.

Here is the solution: Appsumo SendFox

appsumo sendbox

Why should you use Sendfox?

If you’re a content creator, whether it’s a blog, YouTube channel, or another platform, and you’re wondering how to turn your audience into customers, SendFox is for you.

It will help you create, schedule, and automate customized emails.

  • Weekly Smart Campaigns that are integrated
  • RSS feed content updates
  • WSYWIG editor allows you to customize the email in the simplest way possible.
  • Make your own branded Smart Pages and landing pages.
  • Welcome email program that is automated

SendFox Pricing:

SendFox lifetime deal is only $49 at AppSumo Platform, but its original price is $480.

How To Get Nichesss Lifetime Deal?

3. Book Like A Boss (Appointment Scheduling): 50% OFF

appsumo book like a boss

Are you looking for a way to sell an unlimited number of products and services without losing a percentage of your profits?

Here is your solution: Appsumo Book Like A Boss

Book Like a Boss is an all-in-one solution that allows you to build your own highly customized online reservation page to schedule appointments and sell your services online.

What are the benefits of using Book Like a Boss?

This is the best platform for anyone who wants to stop sending out scheduling emails and selling services.

  • Make your own booking page without any technical skills.
  • Email reminders are sent automatically
  • To offer discounts, use the coupon feature.
  • Syncing with existing calendar
  • Client time zones are automatically adjusted.

What is the price?

The AppSumo Book Like a Boss Annual Cappuccino plan is $125 instead of the regular price of $228.

How To Get Appsumo Lifetime Deal?

4. Ingimage (Get Access To Premium Photos, Vector Graphics, HD Videos): Just Start At – $69 

Do you want high-quality stock photos and limitless vector downloads? Then you should take advantage of this fantastic offer from Ingimage. We’ve all heard that images are an excellent way to convey a message and quickly reach a larger audience.

This is where an Ingimage can help. You’ll also have access to a plethora of free photos, stock images, vector graphics, and other resources.

Ingimage is a less expensive alternative to platforms such as Shutterstock and Getty Images.

What are the benefits of using Ingimage?

If you’re on a tight budget and need high-quality stock photos, Ingimage is the place to go. This is what you’ll get:

  • 7 million premium photos, vector graphics, and HD videos are available.
  • Get at least 100 download credits.
  • Over 4 million vector images are available.
  • GDPR conformity

What is the price of Ingimage?

The AppSumo Ingimage lifetime deal is available in three pricing options:

  • Single ($69 for a lifetime subscription with 100 download credits)
  • Double ($138 for a lifetime subscription with 250 download credits)
  • Multiple ($207 for a lifetime subscription with 500 download credits)

How To Get Ingimage Appsumo Lifetime Deal?

5. Hey Oliver (Automated Marketing Campaign): 98% OFF

appsumo hey oliver

Are you looking for a solution that will help you nurture visitors and convert them into paying customers in an automated way?

Here is the solution: Appsumo Hey Olive

What are the benefits of using Hey Oliver?

  • Make hyper-personalized, automated marketing campaigns.
  • Simple tracking
  • Build relationships with visitors by engaging them.
  • With integrated live chat and support widgets, you can provide first-rate customer service.
  • So, Hey Oliver is for you if you are a marketer or an agency looking to increase engagement through customized campaigns.

What is the price?

Hey Oliver, a single plan will cost you only $49 with a lifetime deal that would normally cost $2640.

How can you get this AppSumo Lifetime offer?

6. WordHero (AI Content Writer): 96% OFF


Isn’t creating content time-consuming and costly?

What if I told you that an AI writing assistant could do all of the heavy liftings for you?

Here is the solution: Appsumo Wordhero

This is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs, marketers, and writers looking to save time and money on content creation.

  • Access to more than 50 writing tools
  • Create social media captions for your blog articles Write marketing emails that sell
  • Create advertisements, sales copy, product descriptions, and more.

What is the price?

The original price of WordHero is $1440, but AppSumo offers lifetime access for only $89.

How can you get the WordHero Lifetime deal?

7. GoZen Form (Build Unlimited Access): Just Start At: $69

appsumo gozen forms

You can use GoZen Forms to create unlimited online forms, surveys, and quizzes on your website without any coding knowledge.

What are the benefits of using GoZen Forms?

If you want to create an online form from scratch and customize it however you want without using code, GoZen Forms is a great option that includes the following features.

  • Countless inquiries
  • Logic jumps/question branching
  • Export reactions
  • 100+ premium pre-built templates
  • Limit multiple form submissions.
  • Keep the number of responses to a minimum.
  • Various layout forms
  • Create your own themes.

What is the price?

The following pricing plans are available from GoZen Forms.

License Tier 1: This plan costs $69 (a one-time payment) and includes the following features.

  • five domains
  • 5 GB of storage
  • 1 user(s) (s)
  • Monthly response rate of 5,000
  • 5 workstations
  • Forms abound.

License Tier 2: This plan costs $139 (a one-time payment) and includes the following features.

  • 15 different domains
  • File storage capacity of 10 GB
  • 3 user(s) (s)
  • 10,000 submissions per month
  • ten workstations
  • Forms abound.

License Tier 3: This plan costs $299 (a one-time payment) and includes the following features.

  • Domains are limitless.
  • File storage capacity of 25 GB
  • 5 user(s) (s)
  • Monthly responses are unlimited.
  • Workspaces are limitless.
  • Forms abound.

How do you get a GoZen Forms Lifetime subscription?

8. Switchy (Custom Retargeting Links): 94% OFF

Every day, a large number of posts are published and shared on social media.

Nobody will click your social media links if they are too long and have a dull preview.

Here is the solution: Switchy Appsumo

With customizable retargeting links, Switchy is one of the best tools for increasing engagement and conversions.

Why should you use Switchy?

Simply go for it if you are a marketing agency, advertiser, or growth hacker who wants to manage and track their retargeting links.

  • To increase conversion and social media engagement, shorten, customize, manage, and track your links.
  • Change the title, description, and image to make your links stand out.
  • Keep track of who is responding to your post.
  • Retarget everyone using ultra-targeted ads on social media, Google Ads, Quora, and other platforms.
  • Customize the appearance of a social media shared post.
  • Recent analytics, such as click counts, referrals, and audience sources

What is the price?

Switchy’s single plan is only $39 with a lifetime deal that would normally cost $600.

You put in so much effort to write a post, they deserve better than long URLs and boring graphics. So begin utilizing

Switchy is now offering a lifetime deal to improve user engagement and conversion.

How do you get this AppSumo offer?

9. Sumo Size Your Business: 97% OFF

appsumo size your business success course

If you want to build a profitable online business? Sumo Size Your Success is a place where you can learn a few PROVEN strategies for validating your business ideas, earning your first $1,000, scaling your business from the ground up, and so on.

What exactly is included in this course?

Are you curious about the lessons and modules you’ll learn in this amazing AppSumo course? Here’s the rundown.

  • There are 28 videos to help you get through the course.
  • You’ll have access to three incredible course modules: “Coming up with your next big idea,” “Validating your idea,” and “Getting your first customers.”
  • You’ll also receive a PDF of Noah Kagan’s “commandment of an Entrepreneur.”
  • Above all, you will be given 6 business-generating activities and 5 validation techniques to help you scale your online business and make it a huge success in your market.

What is the price?

Sumo Size Your Success will cost you only $19 for lifetime access, saving you 97%.

How do you get this AppSumo offer?

10. Socialmonials (Successful Social Media Automated Campaign): 96% OFF

Nothing seems better than a successful social media campaign for a business, right?

However, you may be tired of complicated tools and a string of failed campaigns.

Say goodbye to sponsored posts and complicated tools in favor of Socialmonials.

It is a social media superstar that will assist you in optimizing social media campaigns through automated posting, giveaways, and advanced metrics that help improve ROI.

Benefits Of Using Socialmonials:

Socialmonials is a great choice for social media agencies and digital marketers looking for simple ways to build campaigns with higher ROI.

  • Scheduling social media posts with automatic reposts
  • The most effective substitute for Hootsuite
  • Launch engaging contests and giveaways by incorporating user-generated content.
  • Tracking influencers and social media metrics

What is the price?

A tool that was originally priced at $1788 is now available for a limited time for $69 only.

How do you get this AppSumo Deal?

11. Coming Soon & Maintenance Page (Create Stunning Maintenance Page): 30% OFF

Are you looking for a simple way to create an amazing Coming Soon page, show the progress of your site, and fascinate new visitors?

Here is your solution: Appsumo Coming Soon & Maintenance Page

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is a white-label WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly create and manage custom Coming Soon and maintenance pages.

Why use Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode?

This is the best plugin for webmasters and marketing firms who manage and maintain multiple WordPress sites and want to see how they are progressing.

  • Over 170 professional themes
  • Gather email addresses
  • Demonstrate your progress.
  • Connect social media to generate leads  
  • Remotely manage site status

What is the price?

AppSumo’s Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Yealy Agency Plan License will cost you $69 instead of $99.

How do you get this AppSumo Deal?

12. Screpy (AI-based SEO and web analysis tool): 76% OFF

Do you believe you have sufficient control over your website? Or are you looking for an SEO expert to manage the performance of your website? You don’t have to do that!

Here is your solution: Screpy

An AI-powered solution that allows you to boost your website rankings and compete with other professionals.

What are the benefits of using Screpy?

If you work in web development or SEO, this is a must-have tool.

  • PageSpeed tracking
  • Monitoring of uptime
  • SEO tracking
  • Syntax Checker Keyword Tracker

What is the price?

The lifetime AppSumo Screpy deal will cost you $49 as opposed to the regular price of $204.

How do you get this AppSumo Deal?

13. WP Schedule Posts (Automate your WordPress Posts and collaborate): 75% OFF

WP Scheduled Posts is an automated software that allows teams to publish WordPress posts, plan, collaborate, and create all in one place or platform.

Check Out Here: Appsumo WO Schedule Posts

What are the benefits of using WP Scheduled Post?

This is the simplest way for creative teams, bloggers, agencies, and small business owners to automate and collaborate on content in WordPress.

  • Create, Plan, and publish your WP posts in a place.
  • Unlimited Scheduled Posts
  • Share automatically on all social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality allows you to edit, easily create, and move posts directly in the calendar.

What is the price?

WP Scheduled Posts’ single plan costs only $39 for lifetime access, which is normally $149.

That means you’ll get a massive 75% discount.

Simply schedule and automate the entire workflow with tools like WP Schedule Posts.

How do I get this AppSumo offer?

14. RabbitLoader (Boost Your Page Loading Time): At Only $59

Use RabbitLoader today if you’re looking for a cheap but effective way to speed up page loading times on your WordPress or WooCommerce site.

What are the benefits of using RabbitLoader?

RabbitLoader allows you to compress content, lazy load images, and cache everything to speed up your website. Here are some additional things you can do with RabbitLoader:

  • PageSpeed score booster for WooCommerce
  • JavaScript and CSS optimizations for every page above-the-fold
  • Lazy loading of images and videos below the fold
  • Auto-conversion of images to WebP LQIP/blurred image placeholder

What is the price?

RabbitLoader provides three pricing options.

1. License Tier 1: This plan costs $59 and is a one-time payment that grants you access to the following features.

  • Monthly traffic bandwidth of 100 GB
  • 25 page rules for 5 websites
  • Page views are unlimited.

2. Tier 2 license: This plan costs $109 and is a one-time payment that grants you access to the following features.

  • Monthly traffic bandwidth of 250 GB
  • Countless websites
  • Page rules and views are unlimited.

3. License Tier 3: This plan costs $189 and is a one-time payment that grants you access to the following features.

  • Monthly traffic bandwidth of 500 GB
  • Countless websites
  • Page rules are unlimited, as are page views.

How do I get a Lifetime RabbitLoader deal?

15. EpicPxls (Awesome Landing Page and App ): 85% OFF

Designing a beautiful one is not easy, especially if you are a beginner with no experience.

If you are in the same condition, here is your solution: Appsumo EpicPxls 

What are the benefits of using Epic PXLS?

This is the best tool for those who are not designers but want to create beautiful websites, apps, and other frameworks quickly.

  • Hundreds of premium designs and user interface kits
  • Using a library of professional templates and graphics, you can streamline web design.
  • Zip archives Examine before downloading
  • Download and use customized fonts on your website, mobile, apps, and more.

What is the price?

The Epic PXLS starter plan is only $39 and includes a lifetime deal, which is normally $264.

How do I get this AppSumo offer?

16. Appsumo Plus (Save 10% Discount On Every Purchase)

appsumo plus

If you want to get 10% pure discount in every purchase on Appsumo, you can join an Appsumo Plus membership.

What are the benefits of using AppSumo Plus?

If you frequently use the AppSumo website to find and purchase the latest products and tools, AppSumo Plus is a great option for you because you’ll save 10% on every deal!

This is how it works. When you use your Plus membership to make a NEW purchase on the AppSumo website, you will automatically receive a 10% discount on the product price.

Here’s what you’ll receive.

  • 10% discount on AppSumo purchases
  • Pro access to KingSumo Giveaways
  • You may cancel at any time.
  • You’ll also get first dibs on certain deals.
  • You’ll have EXTENDED access to certain deals (which means you’ll be able to purchase a few items “even after the sale has ended”).

What is the price?

AppSumo Plus is only $99 per year and comes with a slew of awesome features and benefits, many of which have already been mentioned.

How do you get this AppSumo deal?

To join AppSumo Plus, go to the link below, click the “Buy Now” button, and you’ll be prompted to create an account (with your email and password).

After registering for free, proceed to the payment section and you will be granted instant access to AppSumo Plus.

17. ShortySMS (Your SMS Solution): 43% OFF

Are you looking for a low-cost solution that will allow you to effectively communicate with your target audience or customers?

Well, competition is increasing by the day, which is why selecting the right marketing platform to grow your business is critical.

Here You Can Find The Solution: Appsumo ShortSMS 

AppSumo’s effective text-message solution allows you to maximize the power of SMS campaigns and get started right away!

What are the benefits of using ShortySMS?

This platform is an all-in-one SMS marketing solution that is ideal for content creators, marketing agencies, and sales teams looking for an efficient way to communicate with their audiences.

  • Simple to use interface
  • Integrated lead generation forms
  • Personal phone number
  • Import CSV functionality
  • Segmentation of a list

What is the price?

Shorty SMS’s standard license tier costs $103, but AppSumo offers lifetime access for just $59.

How can I get the ShortySMS Lifetime deal?

18. How To Make a $1000 A Month Business Course: 85% OFF

This is a revolutionary course that will guide you step by step through the process of turning your ideas into profitable businesses within a month.

Why should you take advantage of this Business Course?

If you are a driven hustler and doer with great business ideas but lack implementation knowledge, then this course is for you.

  • This a hands-on course that will teach you how to build a successful business from your ideas.
  • You will learn how to join a $0 to $1000 per month 
  • Facebook group to get help from other entrepreneurs.

What is the price?

The course, which received a massive response when it was first launched at $600, is now available for $100 for a lifetime, which is an absolute steal.

So take advantage of this offer today and live your dream.

How to Get This Appsumo Deal?

19. KingSumo (The giveaway king)

Do you want to put your company or brand in the spotlight without spending a fortune?

Here Is Your Solution: KingSumo

What are the benefits of using KingSumo?

  • Run giveaways for physical or virtual goods.
  • Give extra entries for extra actions.
  • CTA for social or traffic purposes
  • Insert widget
  • Mid-giveaway and final 24-hour reminders are sent automatically.

So, all entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to generate a large number of new leads through viral giveaways should go for it.

What is the price?

The lifetime deal for KingSumo Pro costs $49 instead of the regular price of $228.

How do you get this AppSumo offer?

20. TidyCal (Your Scheduling Solution): 75% Off

Are you sick of emailing back and forth to set up a meeting?

Yes, keeping track of people’s availability and coordinating across time zones is a difficult task.

But what if I told you there was an easier way to schedule meetings across multiple calendars?

Here is your solution: Appsumo TidyCal

Why should you make use of TidyCal?

This is an essential tool for all project managers, marketing agencies, and sales teams who want to schedule meetings with ease.

  • Simple to use interface
  • Several calendar integrations
  • Zapier integration automatically detects recipient time zones
  • Calendly and Doodle are the best alternatives.

What is the price?

TidyCal’s lifetime deal will cost you $29 instead of the original price of $120.

How can I get the TidyCal Lifetime deal?

21. RankTracker (Keywords Rank Tracker ): Lifetime deal at $149 

Do you want to keep track of your keyword rankings in search results? Looking for a low-cost tool to track keywords, backlinks, and reports?

Do you need a simple tool for keyword research and website audits? The best solution for you is Ranktracker.

It is a low-cost all-in-one SEO tool that allows you to monitor your site rankings, conduct website audits, and much more.

What are the advantages of Ranktracker?

Here are some of the advantages of using Ranktracker:

  • Look for keywords
  • Examine your competitors’ websites.
  • Keep track of your keyword rankings.
  • Checker for backlinks
  • Keep track of your backlinks.
  • Create easily customizable reports

In a nutshell, Ranktracker is the most powerful and affordable tool for rank tracking, SERP checking, and backlink tracking.

What is the price of Ranktracker?

Ranktracker costs $149 as a one-time payment and includes the following features.

  • 100 keywords are tracked every day.
  • ten domains
  • Each domain has two competitors.
  • 100 keyword finder searches per month
  • 100 SERP checks per month
  • Monthly audit of 1000 pages
  • 5000 rows of backlinks
  • ten reports
  • 2 Users

How do you get this AppSumo offer?

FAQs | Best Appsumo Deals 2022

What is Appsumo?

AppSumo is a website that provides deals on software products and services. AppSumo offers discounts of up to 90% off retail prices on popular software products and services.  

Does AppSumo offer Money Back Guarantee?

AppSumo offers a money-back guarantee on all of its products. If you are not satisfied with a product, you can request a refund within 30 days of purchase. AppSumo will then issue a full refund. There are no partial refunds or prorated refunds. All sales are final.

How can I find upcoming Appsumo Deals?

Almost every day, AppSumo showcases a different deal. You can find these deals by visiting the AppSumo homepage and scrolling down to the  “Today’s AppSumo” section. Here, you’ll see the featured deal of the day, as well as a list of expiring deals. If you’re looking for a specific type of deal, you can also use the search bar to find deals that meet your criteria.

What Is Appsumo Plus?

AppSumo Plus is a paid membership program that gives you access to exclusive deals and discounts on products. It also includes a monthly credit that can be used to purchase any products. In addition, all members get early access to new products and features, as well as exclusive customer support.

Does Appsumo Provide Customer Support?

Yes, AppSumo provides customer support through its website, email, and social media channels. The company also offers a ticketing system for customers to submit support requests. AppSumo’s customer support team is available 24/7 to help customers with any issues they may have.

Final Verdicts on AppSumo Deals?

There’s no doubt that AppSumo is a great place to find deals on popular software products. But is it always the best place to get the best deal?

In some cases, AppSumo may not be the cheapest option. However, they offer a wide variety of deals and often have exclusive offers that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re looking for the best deals on popular software products, AppSumo is definitely worth checking out. However, be sure to compare prices and offers before making your final purchase to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

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