Blakify Text To Speech – Turn Any Text Into An Audio File in Seconds

by Rasedul Hasan Rasel

Are you looking for an easy way to convert written text into audio production? If so, then you’ll be interested in Blakify Text To Speech – a powerful and effective tool designed to help users accurately transform their written words into spoken words.

Hello everyone this Rasedul Hasan Rasel, in this article, we will dive deeper into the features of Blakify Text To Speech and discuss how it can help improve your audio or sound production projects!

Meet: Blakify Text To Speech

What is Blakify Text To Speech?

Blakify Text To Speech is a revolutionary text-to-speech tool that allows you to quickly and easily convert any type of text into an audio file. From your favorite book or article to a blog post, social media update, or even a legal document, Blakify Text To Speech can turn them all into audible audio files with just a few clicks.

Blakify Is Best For

  • YouTubers
  • Bloggers
  • Influencers

This tool is a great alternative to Listnr,

Blakify Text To Speech Key Feature

Let’s move on to discover the Blakify key feature, that can empower you to ahead your Text To Speech in seconds, I have found and tested 6 valuable features – 

  1. Content Creation
  2. Audio Books
  3. E-learning
  4. Voice Over
  5. Telephony
  6. Phone Call on Auto-Pilot

Now I am going to give you a small brief about the features of Blakify –

Content Creation

Blakify text-to-speech is a technology that helps people who cannot read. It can be used in many ways, you can get assistance from this tool like reading announcements or listening to books. It can save your time even when you travel.

Audio Books

You can create a natural sound to make audiobooks by using Blakify without hiring any proofreader or narrator professional in seconds. So I think it’s a cost-effective tool for publishers.


If you are an expert on many things, but might not feel comfortable presenting them in front of an audience. Blakely can help you create videos for your online course using natural voice. Ultimately, you can focus on the content of your course, also even if it covers different languages that you’re not familiar with. 


Without hiring voice actors for each version, you can complete this task by using Blakify, which can help you to change any script in a single click.

Voice Over

If you are a content creator like YouTuber or social media influencer you can use Blakify TTS service (voice-over narration) that can help you to make engaging content for your audiences.

Phone Call on Auto-Pilot

You can use Blakify as an autopilot of your phone call, just upload the files to an IVR system, which will give control over the message that you want you to deliver. As simple as that.

If you learn more about Blakify to buy this awesome tool, click here.

Get: Blakify Text To Speech

Blakify Text To Speech Pricing and Plans

If you add your card you will get a demo account for THREE days. After using this demo account you can purchase their three plans – Lite, Pro & Elite.

Lite Package – $29.99 USD Per Month
  • Full Commerical Rights
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 1 Million Character Per Month
  • Standard And Neural Voices Included
  • Cancel Anytime
Pro Package – $59.99 USD Per Month
  • Full Commerical Rights
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 5 Million Character Per Month
  • Standard And Neural Voices Included
  • Cancel Anytime
Pro Package – $99.99 USD Per Month
  • Full Commerical Rights
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Character Per Month
  • Standard And Neural Voices Included
  • Cancel Anytime

Or I can help you a way to get lifetime access to the Appsumo Lifetime Deal platform.

Blakify Text To Speech Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $67

  • Lifetime Access To Blakify
  • Unlimited Characters
  • Unlimited Voices (Standard and A.I.)
  • Access To Free Future Upgrades (New Voices)
  • Unlimited Downloadable MP3 Files
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Multi voice
  • Background Music
  • Full Commercial Rights

If you want an extra 10% discount on your first purchase on Appsumo. 

  • Click here to the “Blakify AppSumo Lifetime Deal” page
  • Stay until the discount popup comes
  • Put your valid email address
  • Then Click UNLOCK MY 10%
  • Check your Email to get the extra 10% off
  • This discount offer is available only for the new account and first order

Before purchasing, you can check out the customer’s review about Blakify Text To Speech.

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I think you get an idea about Blakify by reading this article, if you ask me the find though, about this tool, I definitely recommend this software who want to get natural voices for your content. If you found this article helpful do not forget to leave a comment. You will get more deals on the Appsumo Deal page.

Thank You!  

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