Fliki Lifetime Deal $189 – Create Videos From Text with AI

by Rasedul Hasan Rasel

Do you want to make videos quickly and easily from scripts or blog posts?

Fliki can help you produce professional-looking videos in under two minutes.

With just a script or blog post, it can create a high-quality video for you.

Introduction: Fliki Lifetime Deal

What Is Fliki?

Fliki is the perfect tool for anyone looking to create audio and video content in a hurry. With more than 850 voices in 77+ languages and 100+ local dialects, Fliki makes it easy to create high-quality content with a voiceover that sounds natural and native to your target audience. Whether you’re looking to create a podcast, audiobook, or video, Fliki makes it easy and fun!

Best For:

  • Content Creators
  • Marketers
  • Social Media Managers

Alternative To:

  • Descript
  • Murf.ai
  • Play.ht

Fliki Appsumo Lifetime Deal 

On the AppSumo marketplace, you may purchase a lifetime Fliki subscription. The lifetime deal of Fliki has the features and information listed below.

  • Lifetime Access To Fliki
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • You Must Redeem Your Code Within 60 Days
  • All Future Filki Updates
  • This Deal Is Not Stackable
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Basic Features of Fliki Appsumo Lifetime Deal 

  • Create audio or videos up t 180 mins per month
  • 850+ high-quality AI voices 
  • Access to 77+ languages with 100+ dialects
  • Advanced script editor
  • Multiple voices in one script
  • Create videos from text
  • Millions of images, background music, and video clip
  • You can upload your own audio in between script
  • Create and host unlimited podcast shows
  • Create and host unlimited audiobooks
  • Embeddable audio player
  • Beautiful public pages for podcasts and audiobooks
  • Convert blog article to video

Pricing of Fliki Appsumo Lifetime Deal 

The regular Fliki appsumo deal price is $1899, but you can get it only for $189 right now.

What Can Be Created With Fliki?

Fliki ai is a Text To Speech Online software that is different from AI-based assistants like Google, Alexa, and Siri.

#1 No: Voice-Over Creator

Voiceovers are an important part of any video. You need them to help convey your message and to keep your viewer engaged. But creating voiceovers can be a time-consuming task, especially if you don’t have the right tools.

Fliki AI is here to help. With its AI voiceover tool, you can create professional-quality voiceovers in minutes. And the best part is, fliki’s voiceovers sound natural and human-like, not robotic. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add voiceovers to your videos, Fliki ai is the tool for you.

#2 No: Video Maker

Fliki AI manipulates timelines to make video easy and faster. With this software, users can arrange clips, generate voiceovers, images, background music, and so on. Through Fliki, video rendering can be done quickly and easily, making it the perfect tool for busy people who want to create high-quality videos without spending a lot of time on them.

#3 No: Podcast  Maker

If you’re looking to reach a dedicated audience with your podcast, look no further than Fliki AI. Posting your podcast on its platform will give you access to detailed analytics that can help you refine your content and reach your target audience. Plus, by using Fliki AI, you can showcase all your podcasts in one place!

#4 No: Audio Creator

Audiobooks can be a great way to enjoy your favorite books when you’re on the go. Converting your ebook to an audiobook only takes a minute, and it’s a great way to get more out of your reading experience. Whether you’re driving, working out, or just want to take a break from the screen, audiobooks let you keep enjoying your favorite stories.

Key Features of Fliki AI

Fliki comes with a lot of features, some of which are explained here.

#1 No: Support 77+ Languages

Fliki AI offers 77+ languages support for AI voice-over, making it possible to create videos in local languages. It also offers different voice tones, which can be listened to and selected prior to creating videos.

#2 No: Different Dialects and Accents

Fliki offers a wide variety of dialects and accents to choose from when creating videos in English, as well as male and female voiceovers with lots of excitement and whispering. Child voiceovers are another great feature that can make children’s videos more engaging.

#3 No: Script Editor

Text-to-speech software is becoming more and more popular, as it becomes easier to use and more accessible to a wider range of people. One of the ways in which text-to-speech software can be improved is by allowing users to edit the script. This allows users to change the tunes, add pauses, and do pronunciation trials, making the text-to-speech software more useful for them.

#4 No: Pronunciation Map

One such way to add your own voice and dictionary is through the use of fliki ai. This tool allows users to use their own pronunciation in the next videos they create.

Fliki AI Pricing Plans

Fliki offers a free trial plan as well as 2 paid plans. The features and pricing for the paid plans vary, but all include unlimited storage space and a number of other options.

Free Trail Plan

Fliki AI offers a free trial plan that allows users to generate 1000 words of text-to-speech every month. This plan provides access to all of the features of Fliki AI, including the ability to create realistic podcasts, and voiceovers, host them, create audiobooks, and create videos using text.

Saver Plan $29/Month

The Saver plan from Fliki AI is perfect for individual creators. With the ability to generate 10,000 words every month, users can create high-quality content quickly and easily. Additionally, the lack of a watermark on videos created through the Saver plan is a major benefit, as is access to the Premium Community. Whether you are looking to create professional voiceovers, podcasts, audiobooks, or videos, the Saver plan from Fliki AI is the ideal choice.

Premium Plan $89/Month

The Premium Plan from Fliki AI is the highest limit plan available and it allows users to generate 50,000 words every month. With this plan, users have access to 700+ voices, 65+ Languages, and 100+ Dialects with all commercial rights. They also receive a dedicated account manager with priority support on email and chats.

10% Discount on Fliki Appsumo Lifetime Deal

To get a 10% discount on your first purchase please follow the instructions and grab your copy now:

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If you want to get a 10% discount on every purchase you have to become an Appsumo Plus member.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For those who are wondering about the Fliki lifetime deal, here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. 

Does Fliki Offer Free Trail?

Fliki AI offers a free trial for all users and the free trial is available for an unlimited time. Free Trial consists of 1000 words generation of text-to-speech every month with access to all features and languages and details.

Does Fliki Offer Any Lifetime Deals?

All Fliki AI users have access to lifetime deals via the Appsumo platform. Fliki AI’s lifetime deal is now active.

Can We Create Longer Video By using Fliki?

Fliki AI can produce lengthy films, however, it is constrained by the restrictions on word production. So we can produce a video with 30,000 words using a lifetime deal buy.

Does Fliki Lifetime Deal Have Refund Policy?

If you will not satisfied with Fliki AI’s services, you can get a refund within 60 days.


Fliki’s official plans are significantly more expensive than its lifetime deal, so it makes sense to claim the lifetime deal if you’re looking for an affordable video creation tool. With Fliki AI, you get advanced text-to-speech technology that is incredibly easy to use and perfect for beginners just getting started with video creation.

We highly recommend using Fliki AI if you’re looking to take your video creation skills to the next level. With its lifetime deal and advanced features, there’s no better choice out there than Fliki AI for creators of short videos and other media content. So why wait? Sign up now and start using this amazing video creation tool today!

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