Hostinger Updated Review: Everything You Need to Know

by Rasedul Hasan Rasel

A web hosting service and a domain name is a must for your online presence. Choosing the right hosting service and domain name can help your target audience find your website easily. Although tons of hosting provider companies are available out there, it is still challenging to find the perfect one. If you want to have a great website, there is no alternative to selecting the proper hosting provider which will be reliable.

When you need clarification about the perfect hosting provider, here comes the name Hostinger. Hostinger is a web hosting company that offers an inexpensive and reliable service. Their hostname and domain options are perfect for small businesses that need to keep their website up and running quickly.

Today we will explore Hostinger hosting provider service, its pricing, features, advantages, disadvantages, and many more. Let’s dive, then.

What is Hostinger?

Hostinger is one of the most reliable web hosting companies out there. They offer various services, including unlimited storage, bandwidth, and CPU usage. Hostinger Web Hosting is a great web hosting company with many features to choose from.

It provides various features available to its customers, such as shared hosting and Barebones plans. 

Hostinger is a great option for those who need affordable web hosting without all the bells and whistles. Additionally, their customer service is top-notch. If you’re looking for a quality web host, Hostinger is worth checking out.

Types of Hosting Plan Hostinger Is Offering

hostinger updated review

Hostinger mainly offers several types of hosting plans. Their hosting plans were made to meet the needs of their customers from different categories. The company provides a wide range of features to meet customers’ needs. 

Following are the three types of hosting plans offered by Hostinger:

  1. Web Hosting Plan (for small to medium size websites/businesses)
  2. Cloud Hosting (for large-scale businesses/websites)
  3. WordPress Hosting (for WordPress websites)
  4. VPS Hosting
  5. Cyber Panel Hosting
  6. Minecraft Server Hosting

However, these plans are the main root of plans, including different tiers of hosting plans. 

Shared Web Hosting

Under the web hosting plan, there are three tiers of hosting packages. These plans are made for customers with different requirements. Such as:

  • Single Shared Hosting Plan at $1.99/month (50 GB storage, 1 Website, 10,000 visitors)
  • Premium Shared Hosting at $2.49/month (100 GB storage, 100 websites, 25,000 visitors)
  • Business Shared Hosting at $3.99/month (200 GB storage, 100 websites, 1,000,000 visitors)

Nowadays, shared web hosting is one of the most popular plans among customers. The main reason behind this is its low cost and high performance. This plan is suitable for websites with less traffic and few pages. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, medium-scale businesses, or website owners are the main clients of this service.

A shared hosting system shares a server among several website owners, as its name claims. Since several users share the same server, the cost of this plan becomes low for newbies. It is affordable and generally simple to use. 

Single Shared Plan 

As the server is shared, this hosting plan is comparatively slower. Although, a single shared plan can handle 10,000 visitors a month. This plan comes with many other features only at $1.99, including free SSL, managed WordPress, website builder, weekly data backup, etc. Some limitation of this plan includes only one website, no free domain, only one email address, 100 GB bandwidth, etc. If you plan to build a small business website with a limited budget, you can go for it. Otherwise, go for a more advanced plan.

Premium Shared Hosting

 Hostinger’s premium shared plan comes at only $2.49 per month, which is quite cheap. This ups their maximum data to 100 sites, free domestic domain, 100 GB storage, 100 email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and backup installments are set weekly. 

Business Shared Hosting

This is the highest-priced shared hosting among all three packages and has enhanced advantages. It provides 100 websites, CDN, daily backup, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited database, and many more. All of the features come for only $3.99!

Considering the price and features, Hostinger’s provides a good-quality speed worth your money. Hostinger’s Business shared hosting can control up to 1,000,000 monthly visitors. If you take into consideration of other web hosting plans, it is commendable.

WordPress Hosting

WP websites are currently the most popular CMS, so this plan is in high demand. Hostinger’s WordPress Hosting offers four different packages:

  1. Single WordPress at $1.99/month
  2. WordPress Starter at $2.49/month
  3. Business WordPress at $3.99/month
  4. WordPress Pro at $11.59/month

The single WordPress plan of Hostings only starts with basic. This plan should be for just a starter WP website owner. It provides 50 GB of storage, managed WordPress, Free SSL, 10,000 visitors, etc. If we look back at the limitation, some points should be mentioned, like only one website support, no free domain, limited backup, etc. As the price is so low, the given features are acceptable. If you plan for a little bigger, you should avoid this.

Second, comes the WordPress starter hosting plan only at $2.49 monthly. It offers 100 GB storage, 100 websites, 25,000 monthly visitors, free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, etc.

Business WordPress should be a more convenient plan considering the price and features. With this plan, you can have 1,000,000 visitors monthly, 100 websites, 200GB storage, CDN, and much more. This is an improved plan for personal use and small to medium businesses. If you plan to go further, this plan is more capable and should be your choice. This plan is power-packed with a bunch of features.

Active project sites often have needs that are even more urgent. In reality, they have many business-specialized sites. As a result, they also need speed and customers spending money despite a high barrier to entry- to make their store work. Go for WordPress pro when you plan to go beyond the previous level for your WP hosting plan. As the naming says, it is the pro version with loads of essential features with more traffic. 

VPN Hosting

VPN stands for virtual private network, which allows you to have a private location on a server with your website. Although this server is shared among other users, it serves a more improved performance and private environment. Because of this, all VPSs automatically outperform shared hosting in terms of speed. And the more resources like storage, RAM, etc., that are part of your plan, the faster it will perform. The server loading speed will be better if your website receives 100k or more monthly visitors with a VPN.

VPN Hosting includes 8t plans:

  1. VPS 1 – $3.49/month
  2. VPS 2 – $4.99/month
  3. VPS 3 – $7.99/month
  4. VPS 4 – $9.99/month
  5. VPS 5 – $23.99/month
  6. VPS 6 – $38.99/month
  7. VPS 7 – $57.99/month
  8. VPS 8 – $77.99/month

The most expensive VPS plan gives 8 cores visitors, 16GB RAM, and 250GB storage for $77.99 monthly. The starter VPS 1 plan offers the cheapest price, only at $3.39, for 1GB RAM, 20GB VPS storage, and 1 CPU server with the most minimal features.

The pricing plan and features were made for different categories of users. The customer requirements depend on a variety of ranges. Hostinger’s VPN doesn’t provide managed VPN with an extra secure environment like firewall installation or other security. That’s why they kept the price low. If you install your system on their VPN, you must take care of your project’s security measures. As an expert, managing security may be possible for you, but not all users can.

Among some limitations, more than a 100 Mbps loading speed is required for global visitors. However, 100Mbps speed doesn’t seem like less, but this range is struggling with more traffic.

When you have a limited budget but need VPN hosting, go for the basic VPS 1 at $3.49 monthly. It will give you 1 core CPU, 20GB storage, 1TB Bandwidth, etc. But, this plan might not be worth it for you. Go for VPS 5 6core plan for efficient performance and other features.

Hostinger Comes With hPanel

Unlike most other hosting providers, Hostinger named their customization panel hPanel. Most of us are familiar with cPanel, which comes with your hosting account. The hPanel will give you an easy-to-use interface that is flexible to navigate. Here, nothing is complex. If you have used cPanel before, you will get an enhanced taste with Hostinger’s upgraded hPanel.

The following section will be noted on a hPanel dashboard:

  • File manager
  • Domain manage
  • Databases 
  • WordPress dashboard
  • Application installation
  • Migrating option
  • Email accounts
  • Website Builder

hPanel is a useful area for managing your website overall. If you can overlook the speed, it provides all the necessary functionalities.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Hostinger 

As a prominent hosting provider Hostinger includes a pile of positive features, to choose from. As well as a few disadvantages. Let’s have a look at some –


Faster loading Speed

Regarding a hosting web service, faster server speed is one of the most crucial issues. No matter how efficient your website is or how much productive content you provide, if it loads slowly, all effort goes in vain. Most users want any website to load within seconds. There are tons of options for them that will give the best quality content with a fast loading speed. When your site is delayed, your visitors will disappear, and you will lose your clients. Here, Hostinger gets a thumbs up. Yes, their server speed is effectively faster, which will help to load your site within moments. With Hostinger’s service, a US data center recorded 143 m/seconds speed, while Google recommends 200ms. 

Uptime (99.9%)

Uptime is another crucial criterion when it comes to hosting. Many people may consider it little necessary. But a faster loading speed will not work if your website is not up. People will not find your website, or it will only be loaded if it remains down, and your site will lose google rank. Hostinger guarantees 99.9% uptime which is commendable. They promise that if any user finds any downtime issue, they will give back 5% of their monthly payment.

Faster and Optimized Installation

This hosting offers a platform that supports faster, more flexible, and optimized installation for a wide range of applications. From WordPress to PHP7, NGINX caching, GitHub support, and one-click installation, many things become easier with Hostinger.

Customized Dashboard Panel (CPanel) 

Their customized dashboard panel is a simple interface platform that provides users with the ultimate ease. From here, you can manage your activities and maintain your resources whenever necessary.

Free Website Migration

Hostinger allows free migration to its clients. If you have any website running on another hosting account, you can migrate the site free of cost. From the dashboard panel, you must send a migration request without the extra hassle of contact. And their dedicated team member will do it for you quickly.

Free Domain

Without a domain name, you can not start your website. They offer free domains with many of their hosting plan. While many other hosting provider charges for a domain name.  


Don’t Have Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is required for high-end projects. But there is no dedicated hosting plan available here.

Don’t Provide Regular Backup

In many basic or starter plans, Hostinger does not provide regular backup; only weekly backup is available for those plans. However, their premium plan includes regular data backup.


In summary, Hostinger is a popular web hosting provider for its praiseworthy service. This web-hosting company offers various services, including domain name registration, hosting, and email marketing. According to their reasonable pricing structure, their most important function is the fastest loading speed with the most features. If you are looking for a reliable hosting provider, try their top-notch service and unbeatable prices.

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