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by Rasedul Hasan Rasel

Nowadays, we use digital platforms for almost everything we do. We can’t imagine our lives without them. There is a lot of content on the internet, like articles, images, and videos. Many people watch videos regularly. It can be difficult to make high-quality videos, but it’s important to try.

There are many people who make videos on the internet. If you want your videos to be successful, you need to make sure they look professional by using a good camera and video editor. Many video editors are difficult to use and require installation on a computer, but there is one called InVideo that is easy to use and does not require installation.

This article will explore InVideo, its features, how to use it, and more.

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What is InVideo?

InVideo is one of the most cutting-edge video editing apps available on the internet, and it can help you make any type of captivating film. You may also turn text content into video content with InVideo. It is a cloud-based, free internet tool that video creators can use extensively to create and edit videos. One of the best features of this application is that it enables users to create professional-caliber graphics in practically any web browser. Using both free and premium photos, music, templates, and visuals.

InVideo allows you to make video clips using more than 5000 templates and 9M+ advanced media content. This platform offers a sizable audio library for any genre and many customized options. 

How InVideo Works?

How video creation functions on the platform are described on the InVideo website itself. To get started for free, you must “Sign Up” for an InVideo account.

There will be three basic options.

  1. Select a template
  2. Customize 
  3. Export & Upload

You can start with any template that fits your brand’s story or central concept well. Next, you can use your video with free music, pictures, and clips from InVideo. And also can customize with timing, colors, text fonts, and other options. 

You will also have a blank template option. Using a blank template, you can add and customize your preferred content. When you’re finished, export your video project. You can share InVideo content on social media directly from the platform.

Highlighted Features of InVideo 

This video editor is quite flexible for novice video creators. With this application, you may create various types of stunning video templates.

  • Different Visual effects
  • Audio elements
  • Speed Merge
  • Sharable URL
  • HD Resolution
  • Text Overlay
  • Text Fonts Variety
  • Stickers
  • Premade Templates
  • Text content (article/blog) into video
  • Font quoted template
  • Video Speed adjustments
  • Video editing with timeline platform (split and merge)
  • Bulk uploading
  • Simple Drag & Drop option
  • Animation
  • And much more.

What Can You Make Using InVideo?

The biggest feature of this program is that you can use the same templates to make videos in various sizes and formats for social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

With this application, you may create various stunning videos with InVedio’s in-built templates. This tool can be used to create:

  • Videos Intro or Outro
  • Greetings and inspiring quotes
  • Presentations on video
  • Videos for products and promotions
  • Video Tutorials
  • Youtube Videos
  • Video Promo
  • Webinar
  • Social Media Videos

With the aid of InVideo, you can make several video formats appropriate for several social media platforms. These platforms are Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.

Youtube Intro or Outro

YouTube is the most widely used video platform and the second-largest search engine. There, you can find video creators of any kind. Using InVideo video content creators can make youtube video intros or outros more easily with attractive designing and features.

Social Media Videos

Using InVideo social media, users from various platforms can make a high-caliber video. There are many options to enhance quality with InVideo. Even if your video resolution is not better, using different effects, text-box, colors, etc., you can give your video a better touch.

Video Tutorials

InVideo offers a smart platform to make any type of video tutorial. The video tutorial is a great way to serve as an introduction to a topic or any process. These days many people are interested in learning new things via online tutorials. Using InVideo, video content creators can make effective and engaging tutorials that can help teach people a new skill or knowledge.

Video for Advertisement

Every now and again, millions of people start their own businesses. They all need to run video advertisements since they are so effective. Video advertisement is also an effective way to promote your business online. InVideo allows video content creators to make persuasive video ads that can help build a brand identity. It offers a wide range of features for videos to create quality ads.

With the aid of InVideo, you can make several video formats appropriate for several social media platforms. Among these platforms are Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.

Utilize Pre-made Templates to Create Original Videos

InVideo is one of the best online video-creation tools for businesses, blogs, digital marketers, YouTubers, and individuals. It is especially useful for developing high-quality visual content that marketers and companies can utilize to increase their website visitors.

There are three distinct methods to use InVideo to your greatest benefit.

Text Content to Video Content: This option is beneficial when it comes to easily converting text into visual content. The text displays in accordance with the relevant line in the video.

In-Built Template: To create and change visual content quickly, use the preset templates included with this tool. InVideo created 5000+ built-in templates from various genres. Users can choose anything that matches their niche.

Blank Template: Additionally, InVideo offers empty templates that seasoned pros in video editing can employ. Video creators might start their video production task from scratch by using blank templates.

InVideo: Pricing

InVideo is a SaaS platform that stands on freemium service. This platform offers a free platform, meaning users can use it for free. But, the free version includes conditions such as having a watermark on the exported video. Although, they have premium versions with more features and are free of watermark restrictions. They offer three options such as the:

  • Free Plan 
  • Business Plan $15 monthly 
  • Unlimited Plan $30 monthly edition.

InVideo: Free Plan

InVideo free plan offers :

  • 4500+ free templates
  • 3M+ media storage
  • Watermark
  • Text to speech 
  • 15min video

Without paying a penny, it is a great deal! Don’t you think?

InVideo: Business Plan

Paying for the business plan a minimum of a year in advance costs $15 per month. If you don’t want to purchase yearly, the price is $30 per month. Certainly, you’ll appreciate the variety of materials supplied by InVideo. 

If you are a professional video creator, you can give this business plan a hand. Otherwise, it’s better to go for the freemium version.

InVideo: Unlimited Plan

The “Unlimited” Plan from InVideo is actually limitless. Additionally, you have access to almost one million premium media resources, 120 iStock, and unlimited video export. The “Unlimited” Plan costs $30 per month if you choose to pay for a year. Without a yearly purchase, it costs $60 each month.

InVideo Appsumo Deal

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  • Videos with No Watermark
  • Access to over 5000 handcrafted templates and 60 video exports per month
  • 10 iStock Media Per Month 
  • 1 Million+ Premium Media 10 iStock Media Per Month
  • Royalty-free music with a 3M+ Standard Media Library and a 1080p video resolution. Reseller Rights in Full
  • 20 Get Rid of Background Credits
  • Storage Capacity of 10 GB

With InVideo, Producing Interesting Videos Is Simple

InVideo is a free video creation application that enables users to not only build and share slideshow-format graphics, quick films, and home videos in minutes. But also includes a media storage library to enhance the quality of your videos.

This program is among the best on the market thanks to its amazing features. The main reason InVideo has been productive in satisfying many customers’ needs is its amazing features. This program also boasts a more than 90% client satisfaction score, which speaks to its effectiveness and value.

Users can utilize the photos, graphics, and sound effects provided by InVideo’s media storage collection to enrich and draw attention to their videos. You may create great material based on various topics and situations with the aid of the image, video, and audio library.

The video clips created with this application can be simply customized to tell video messages that support both personal and professional results. You can select from various images, films, stickers, icons, and text areas to create high-quality videos within a few minutes.

With InVideo, you have the freedom to quickly edit visual content, audio, photos, text, and subtitles. And use these elements to create stunning visuals that capture attention right away.

Use Your Creativity to Express Yourself Using InVideo

You may create expert documentaries and even top-notch social media content using InVideo. You have the creative freedom to start from zero as a user. Users’ video creation process will be convenient thanks to InVideo’s pre-existing templates.

InVideo is most suitable for producing videos for both personal and professional branding, as well as for commemorating milestones like anniversaries. This is a flexible video-creation application that enables users to create clear and flexible videos with the ideal fusion of images, music, and captions.

There are tons of themes for many kinds of video formats, including slideshows, memes, presentations, and advertising videos. Due to the tool’s excellent functionality and user-friendliness, customers never have to be concerned about lacking behind in creating tempting videos for clients.

You may establish yourself as a user on various social media platforms by continuously posting high-caliber visual content. This program can help beginners improve their video production and editing skills so they can create quality videos.

InVideo can handle everything for you, and you won’t have to spend a cent for whatever the tool does. Although, purchasing the paid version will cost you a specific sum of money and more brilliant features.

InVideo: Pros & Cons

InVideos is an excellent SaaS platform for video editing. Let’s check out some of its pros and cons.


  • Every added element of any video is editable.
  • Designed for non-techies, the interface is simple and clear.
  • You will have access to an enriched media library with more than one million images and videos from iStock, Storyblock, and Shutterstock.
  • To find the appropriate video content, you can highlight the specific words.
  • Fully prepared templates created for users’ placement, platform, and purpose according to various genre
  • Automated Text to speech feature
  • Users can upload their own media files.
  • Create videos using any language
  • Loads of filters, text effects, stickers, animations, and other things.
  • Detailed editing video tutorials of InVideo are available on Youtube.
  • 24/7 customer support, along with Facebook community support


  • You’ll have to start the video from scratch if you use a new template. Templates can not be switched after you start working.
  • Video export and preview are quite time-consuming.
  • InVideo does not have a Mobile app platform yet.


InVideo has greatly increased favor among the general public, particularly video editing enthusiasts. Because of its amazing packed capabilities. 

It enables you to produce a variety of beautiful graphics that can be shared on various social networks. Creating your videos won’t put you in any difficult situations thanks to this tool’s simple capabilities. InVideo is a tool you should consider using if you’re looking for the ideal one to generate professional videos for your product promotion.

Moreover, if you face difficulties using InVideo, video tutorials are available for you to help. So, why wait? Give it your hand to create amazing videos effortlessly!


Can I Use InVideo for Free?

Yes, a free trial is available with InVideo. You can test it out for free with several features to create a good-quality video.

Is there a watermark on InVideo?

If you are using InVideo’s free Plan, the exported videos will have a watermark. But the premium version does not include a watermark.

How to use InVideo?

No technical knowledge is necessary to use InVideo. It’s a straightforward application similar to tools like Canva, where you can drag and drop components, add text, and make films.

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