Linkjoy Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$49]: Get 10x Of Your Digital Presence

by Rasedul Hasan Rasel

If you want to convert your Instagram followers into customers, make sure your bio link counts. Use it to drive traffic to your website and retarget those who only interacted with you on Instagram.

Introducing the all-in-one platform that makes it easy to start, run, and grow your business.

Let’s dive into Linkjoy, its features, pros & cons, and much more. 

This is Rasedul Hasan Rasel, I will discuss Linkjoy Appsumo Lifetime Deal.

What is Linkjoy?

Linkjoy is a simple-to-use digital presence management tool that supports artists with online lead generation, payment receivables, and remarketing modules. The program may also be used to create micro-landing pages quickly, create Instagram-friendly bio links, and retarget links by generating shortening URLs. 

This tool enables real-time connectivity using external platforms like MailChimp, Google Sheets, Gmail, and Outlook. 

Furthermore, Linkjoy’s real-time statistics guarantee accurate ROI assessment when necessary. Additionally, users can add monitoring pixels from their preferred applications, such as Google Adwords, Facebook, and Google Analytics. An easy-to-use link-shortening feature offered by this platform is very beneficial for brands.

This application enables customization of the URL’s final element and increases the CTR (click-through rate). A separate dashboard provides real-time access to the click locations, the unique clicks, and the types of content that each audience prefers. Custom postfix, UTM & OG Tags, A/B testing, limitless campaign links, and more features are also available.

What Can You Do Using LinkJoy?

URL Shortening – Using the LinkJoy app, users can use shortened links to articles from their preferred platform. The shortened links can be saved to the clipboard and used as you want. Also, you can customize the text of the shortened links. Linkjoy’s generated shortened links that are Google-friendly can help your audience find the information you want to share more easily.

Making it simple for your clients to share your material on social networks is possible with the help of short URLs. Your clients will find it easier to maintain the URL if you make it brief.

Short URLs are an excellent way to promote sharing inside your organization. You can make a short URL that points to the blog post or tweet, for instance, if you’re developing a fresh product for your program and want to know what users feel about it.

With the help of this program, you can quickly and easily do many tasks. Such as:

  • Create a portfolio.
  • Produce more leads
  • Use retargeting to analyze traffic
  • Promote your brand by sharing and collecting content from other people.
  • Construct micro-landing pages.

Main Features of Linkjoy

A link-shortening social networking tool Linkjoy was developed especially to help Instagram users optimize their Instagram accounts/profiles. A link-shortening social networking tool Linkjoy was developed especially to help Instagram users optimize their Instagram accounts. Additionally, it can assist marketing firms in raising their clients’ investment resturns. It offers to assist you in focusing on repeated followers and producing more customers for your company. The three key functionalities are : 

1.Instagram Bio Link, 

2. Link Retarget, and 

3. Link In Bio. 

Let’s examine each one’s functions:

Instagram Bio Link

If a user who follows you on Instagram clicks a link in a post for which you’ve featured a product, it will take them to the product’s homepage. You now have the opportunity to drive visitors to your website using Instagram.

Like links to product pages, you can connect to any page you choose. You may take users to your channel or website pages if you have a website or YouTube channel. 

Insert links to posts on social media, blogs, forums, and articles wherever you like.

Want to encourage self-assurance? Then direct them to your best testimonials on your website or any required link. Your entire Instagram feed may become a potent e-commerce or online business platform.

Link In Bio

It is one of the most useful features of Linkjoy. You can add several links to your Instagram account thanks to the Link In Bio feature. In general, Instagram does not let you add multiple links to your profile. You can now include all the pertinent links that you want your readers to browse or access. Make links in your Instagram profile to your website or blog to increase the number of people who follow you on social media.

All of the patterns for the tile and profile can be modified. You can edit the information using Link In Bio feature. Which can lead you to focus more on a certain product category if you begin to see that your audience is drawn to it. You can keep track of your profile development and also keep yourself up-to-date. 

You can create mini webpages that visitors to your profile on Instagram can peruse by clicking the link. These destination pages of any website can be altered. These choices aid in presenting your goods, social media links, review pages, and other material categories.

Additionally, using the included analytics tool, you can monitor the number of hits your links obtain and figure out what kind of content your users are interested in.

Retarget Link

There are other factors to consider than the hyperlinks in your Instagram bio. The link should be distinctive and trustworthy-looking. Your fans wouldn’t be as likely to hit on it if not. Fortunately, Linkjoy came up with a fix: Link Retargeting.

With the help of this function, you can distribute short Links with a unique domain. Links can also be added using unique scripts on all platforms and channels.

How to Use Linkjoy?

With the help of the expert tool Linkjoy, you may give your website, portfolio, or blog the “simple short link” option. This brief link will potentially be text-based or a bit. This link will always be abbreviated to only four letters, making it simple to memorize and spread to others.

Sign Up/ Login – After creating a Linkjoy account and sign in, you can view Linkjoy’s main dashboard. . The analytics data for your existing Instagram Bio Link, Link Retargeting, and Link In Bio arrangement will be available here.

The dashboard is rather simple, and most of it is self-explanatory. In terms of social networking tools, it’s not complicated.

This will show you the number of clicks you received and get the data on where those users were located when they visited your link. A summary of the computer and web browser utilized to access the URL is also provided.

Adding Instagram Link Bio

The Instagram Bio Link and Link In Bo dashboard have a similar design. The things you can do after you modify a bio link are the only things that differ.

The first thing you’ll see when creating a new Instagram bio link or editing an existing one is the ability to include links to your posts.

Find the post you wish to link to by scrolling through yours. To save it, type the URL and then click the checkbox. Clicking the cut option, you can remove the link if you want to.

There are further choices for customization. You can update your profile by adding a profile picture and changing the page title. Additionally, you can alter the design, including integrations, and customize your branding.

Bio-Link Adding

You may find a record of how many links or URLs you’ve added to your profile. Along with connections to lessons and references, by going to the Link In Bio feature.

Click or tap on the Add Link In Bio option in the screen’s upper-right corner to add a new link to your bio. This will cause a window to display from there you will be able to update the short URL and insert a link. Click on the ‘Get Started button if you are ready.

You must insert a block to drag the block into position to add additional items to the page. Blocks can take many different shapes. A text, photo, YouTube video link, or social media links are just a few examples. The page’s look can also be updated. Any background, different buttons, theme, and fonts are all options.

You can edit the website destination page on the editor page option. These sections are mobile-friendly or responsive pages, so they will function on a variety of devices. This will allow you to see a preview of how your page will appear on desktop/laptop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Through integrations, Linkjoy provides content from outside sources. Users are enabled to choose any built-in template from Linkjoy’s library if anyone needs ideas or a place to start.

Generate Link Retargeting Program

It would help if you input the original URL and then alter the short URL to generate a unique retarget URL. You can select more complex choices or save your current work. Also, you can choose to include a tag.

When trying to create leads, Link Retargeting is extremely helpful for tracking your progress.

What Are the Core Principles of Linkjoy?

  • To gain someone’s trust, you must listen intently, respect others, and be upfront about your shortcomings. Linkjoy focuses on earning users’ trust sincerely.
  • Linkjoy concentrates on your company’s critical insights and provides timely, high-quality service.
  • Passion for the customer is working diligently to gain and maintain their trust while starting with them and working backward.
  • Adopting a long-term perspective and an ownership-centered strategy.
  • LinkJoy team works at all levels, is meticulous, and does regular audits.
  • They aim to accomplish more with fewer resources; their constraints promote ingenuity, creativity, and independence.
  • Linkjoy takes risks and keeps an open mind to achieve goals.
  • Linkjoy thrives on creativity, innovation, and originality.
  • Opposing judgments, acting with confidence and dignity as necessary.
  • Linkjoy takes risks and keeps an open mind to achieve goals.

Having these standards in place, it is obvious that Linkjoy seeks to prioritize the needs of its customers while also making improvements to its offering. 

Linkjoy: Pricing

Linkjoy provides a free trial, like the majority of software platforms do.

  • Lite ($39), 
  • Pro $79, and 
  • Ultimate $99 are the paid choices.

Linkjoy Lifetime Appsumo Deal [$49]

wordhero lifetime deal

Linkjoy is offering a lifetime Appsumo deal with three packages on.

1. Single Plan (one-time purchase at $49)

3. Double Plan (one-time purchase at $98)

4. Multiple Plan (one-time purchase at $147)

10% Discount at Linkjoy Appsumo Lifetime Deal

To get a 10% discount on your first purchase please follow the instructions and grab your copy now:

  • Click on the “Appsumo Linkjoy Lifetime Deal” page
  • A discount popup will appear 
  • Put your Email Address
  • Click “Unlock My 10%”
  • Check “Email Inbox”
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If you want to get a 10% discount on every purchase you have to become an Appsumo Plus member.

Advantages and disadvantages of Linkjoy

The following is a bunch of Linkjoy’s key pros and cons.


  • Inexpensive pricing ranges. 
  • Simple to assemble or use. Linkjoy features are quite comfortable to use
  • One plus point is that this tool provides a free trial for users. Even if you decide not to spend, the free trial allows you to use some of its features without charge.
  • Easy integration and simple user interface. Users with less technical knowledge can easily use this tool.
  • Analytics-based evaluations of link performance. This evaluation can help you to reach the target audience.
  • Customer service is easily accessible.
  • Smooth website navigation
  • FAQs can be found on the page. 
  • You can utilize the platform flexibly, with the tutorials available.


  • No preview of the reduced link’s appearance; it will be more beneficial if users have a glance at it.
  • Reports cannot be shared with clients. They should keep an option to share
  • On the account pages, the logout button might be easier to see.
  • Some users faced a few technical issues; these issues need to be resolved.

The Bottom Line

The bio link app Linkjoy has a plethora of potential, and their decision to cut their prices was wise. It has an excellent pack of link-shortening features. Shortening your lengthy web link is a wonderful solution when you’re pressed for time or looking to save money. It is simple, inexpensive, and doesn’t take up a lot of room on your smartphone or computer.

Linkjoy is accessible for free, so you can use it and decide for yourself premium plan does suit you or not.

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