Mailtimer Lifetime Deal [$49]: Countdown Timers for Emails & Websites

by Rasedul Hasan Rasel

You want to make a timer for your next email campaign or landing page, but you don’t know how. You need a tool that will help you create stunning countdown timers without code.

Introducing: Mailtimer Lifetime Deal

Hello, my name is Akram. I would like to talk to you about the Mailtimer Appsumo Lifetime Deal. It is a great way to create an online mail timer.

Mailtimer Overview

Mailtimer makes it easy for you to create beautiful countdown timers that will help increase sales, conversions, and click-through rates. You don’t need to know how to code to use Mailtimer since it has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Countdown timers are effective in getting people to act now so they don’t miss out on your offer.

Best For: Marketers, E-commerce, Marketing Agencies

Mailtimer Features

No Code: You can create amazing timers without writing any code at all. It will only take you a minute.

Highly Customizable: You can choose colors, fonts, and styles for your timer that match your brand.

Four (4) Timer Types: Mailtimer is a tool that helps you time your emails. You can create four different types of timers: 1. Start the countdown when the email is opened, 2. Send the email at a specific time, 3. Set it dynamic for each customer, or 4. Evergreen timers.

Real-Time Updates: If the deadline changes, you can edit the timer. You can do this even if you have already sent the email.

Fast Loading: Mailtimer provides a fast loading time for your timer.

Responsive: Mailtimer looks good on any device, and it works quickly no matter what you’re using.

Multilingual: You can create an online email timer in any language you want to make it more engaging.

Real-Time Analytics: You will be able to see how your email campaign is doing in real time with insightful analytics.

Benefits Mailtimer

Mailtimer lets you create a free countdown timer for your email campaign. This will help you engage with your audience and boost sales. Let’s take a look below;

Revenue Boost: You can use Mailtimer to create a countdown that will make your potential customers want to act now. This will help them realize that they might miss out if they do not act fast enough.

Customer Engagement: You can add an interactive countdown timer to your email body to make it more eye-catching. This will boost your CTR (click-through rate) and increase website visits.

No Design Skill: You can use Mailtimer to create an email timer without being skillful. Just choose one of their pre-made templates and change it to what you need.

Copy Paste: You can use email timers to make sure your emails are only seen for a certain amount of time. Just pick a template, set an expiration date, copy the code, and paste it into your email body.

Integrations: You can use Mailtimer with all of these email platforms: Mailchimp, Salesforce, SendinBlue, Klaviyo, Gmail, Hubspot,, SendGrid, Mailerlite, and Drip.

Mailtimer Pricing Plans

You can create a professional-looking countdown timer without writing any code. It comes with five pricing plans;

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • Unlimited timer views
  • 4 timer types
  • Create unlimited timers
  • Transparent background
  • Timers with rounded corners
  • 60+ customization
  • Public API

Micro Plan $7/mo:

  • Everything Free Plan Features
  • 100 000 timer views
  • Branding removed

Small Plan $19/mo:

  • Everything Micro Plan
  • 500 000 timer views
  • Custom fonts
  • Background image

Click here to see all pricing plans.

Or get Mailtimer lifetime deal only for $49. 

Mailtimer Appsumo Deal at $49

wordhero lifetime deal
  • Lifetime Access
  • Branding removed
  • 4 Timer types for any use case
  • 3 Timer expiration behaviors
  • Real-time views & clicks analytics
  • Multiple timer templates
  • Unlimited timer clicks
  • Stacking info:
  • 1 code = Tier 1: 100,000 timer views
  • 2 codes = Tier 2: 500,000 timer views
  • 3 codes = Tier 3: 1,000,000 timer views
  • 4 codes = Tier 4: 3,000,000 timer views
  • 5 codes = Tier 5: 15,000,000 timer views, PLUS the following:
  • Dynamic links (clickable timers), timers with background images, custom fonts + custom domains

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You can use Mailtimer to make your email campaigns more interactive. You don’t need to write any code. It can help you increase your revenue without any extra effort. You can use it for free with Appsumo’s LTD.

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