Pagescreen Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$69]: Monitor Visual Changes To Any Website

by Rasedul Hasan Rasel

If you’re looking for an easy way to track website changes, try using an automatic site monitor. This tool will help you capture and compare visual changes to any website over time. No more manually checking for updates or spending hours trying to navigate confusing online tools.

Plus, you can even archive these changes for future reference. Give it a try and simplify your website tracking process.

Hello everyone this is Rasedul Hasan Rasel, in this article, I am going to review, Pagescreen Lifetime Deal.

What is Pagescreen? 

Pagescreen is the perfect platform for monitoring websites for changes and collecting business intelligence. Its screenshot automation and change detection technologies make it easy to capture, archive, and compare visual copies of web pages. 

Best For: 

  • Marketer
  • Marketing Agencies
  • SaaS

Alternative To:

  • Hexowatch
  • Visualping

Introduce: Pagescreen Lifetime Deal on Appsumo.

Pagescreen Powerful Features

A solution can now make manually checking multiple websites for signals more accurate and efficient. This tool can track and analyze various websites, social media platforms, and news sources to identify trends and patterns in real time. By automating this process, users can save time and focus on taking action based on the collected data.

This solution can also provide more comprehensive insights by gathering information from a wider range of sources. Users no longer have to limit their analysis to a select few websites, but can instead track a larger and more diverse set of data.

So why waste time manually checking for trends when this solution can do it for you? Start using this tool to stay on top of the latest signals and make informed decisions.

Website Monitoring: Stay on top of the market by monitoring websites for changes in visual content. Get notifications of any changes as they happen.

Change Notification: Create alerts for all your monitors with each channel. Receive alerts by Email, Slack, and Webhooks.

Website Archives: Create a website archive that can generate screenshots of websites on multiple platforms and desktops, while also saving and restoring their evolution.

Collection: You can group your monitors into collections to make it easier to manage them and to help you avoid missing any changes.

Team Collaboration: Please announce the project participants by email so that everyone is aware. Screenshot edits and exit comments, so as to enter the discussion.

Integration: Pagescreen’s APIs and webhooks make it easy to integrate with your existing workflows and systems.

Pagescreen Pricing Plan

Let’s look at the usual pricing plans first before moving on to the Appsumo Deal package.

Listed below are Pagescreen’s pricing options and features.

It has simple and adaptable pricing structures;

Pro, Team, and Business.

Pro Plan, 14.90 monthly

  • Countless URLs and Monitoring
  • 1,000 Captures
  • Cost for each additional capture: € 0.008
  • Minimal hourly frequency
  • Archived 6 Months
  • Notification of changes
  • Integration of Slack and Webhook

Team Plan, 49.90 monthly

  • Each and every Pro Plan Feature
  • 5,000 Captures 
  • 5,000 Captures 
  • Screenshot API
  • Rest API
  • Screenshot of a Rest API using 

Pagescreen Appsumo Deal Plan: [$69]

wordhero lifetime deal
  • Access to Pagescreen Team Plan Features for lifetime
  • Each and every Team Plan Feature
  • Monthly 5,000 screenshots
  • 5 seats
  • six-month archives

10% Discount at Pagecreen Lifetime Deal on Appsumo

wordhero lifetime deal

To get a 10% discount on your first purchase please follow the instructions and grab your copy now:

  • Click on the “Appsumo Pagescreen Lifetime Deal” page
  • A discount popup will appear 
  • Put your Email Address
  • Click “Unlock My 10%”
  • Check “Email Inbox”

If you want to get a 10% discount on every purchase you have to become an Appsumo Plus member.

Final Verdict:

If you’re interested in tracking the visual changes to websites, we recommend Pagescreen. It’s a great tool for monitoring brands and sites. And right now, you can get a lifetime deal on Appsumo.

If you have any questions about Pagescreen or want to learn more about the Appsumo deal, please email us at ___.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to sharing more ways to track visual changes on websites with you.


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