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by Rasedul Hasan Rasel

The importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a digital marketing technique has been highlighted thousands of times. Understanding the various components that contain SEO and how they interact is essential to comprehending why SEO is significant. In other words, SEO is essential because it increases the visibility of your website, which leads to more traffic and the opportunity to convert visitors into paying clients. 

To concentrate on SEO deeply, there are already tons of tools in the online industry that can help you grasp all of the SEO factors, rankings about your website, and other content. Rank tracker is one of the specialized SEO tools which can alleviate you keep your SEO records effortlessly. This tool will refresh your SEO ranking update and serve you many SEO details. This post will discuss Ranktracker and how it may benefit websites of all sizes.

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What is RankTracker?

Rank Tracker, the SEO software, as its names imply, is a potent tool for rank tracking, keyword research, PPC keyword research, and competitive analysis. It is one of the best keyword rank tracker tools, without any doubt.

This software has a powerful built-in database of keyword resources to maximize the effectiveness of your keyword research process. In your workplace, you can automate some processes through the scheduling feature. You can program the tool to automatically examine keyword locations at any time, saving you from spending all the time checking your website ranking.

You will receive an email notification if the keyword placements change. As a result, you have time to take action and, if necessary, update the relevant pages.

This tool has been integrated with over 2o keyword research tools to create a powerful platform, such as – Google Analytics, Competitive Research, Search Console, Google Keyword planner, Domain research, etc.

How Does RankTracker Work?

Rank Tracker is a comprehensive SEO program that can analyze competitors, research keywords, backlink monitoring, and search engine ranking. This tool saves time by having everything on one platform, which can also give guidance and precise statistics for better search engine performance. It might be challenging for brands/ websites to reach their traffic potential without having specialized SEO tools like Ranktracker or other technologies.

For instance, a website that ranks first on page one will receive around 40% of search traffic. Around 19–20% of search traffic passes to websites in the next position. To measure these ranking criteria, there are many data to consider. Manually, keeping track of those data is kind of impossible. While using tools like RankTracker can give you ease in tracking all subtle records and improve on those criteria. Consequently, adopting Ranktracker is crucial for optimizing the potential traffic for your website.

Key Features Of RankTrackers

The fact that Ranktracker includes a variety of tools to support SEO success is one of its strongest features. Here are a few of the key characteristics.

Rank Tracking

This tool lets you keep track of the main search terms you use on your website and displays your performance in various situations. The rank tracker keeps track and records of your data. You can check how your ranking varies among search engines, mobile, desktop, different languages, and location-wise. As a result, you can examine the graph of how your website’s score has evolved over time for various factors. These tiny pieces of data can assist you in focusing your efforts on the changes required to raise your ranking.

SERP Checker

It is as crucial as your website’s ranking as how it appears in search results. Always searchers do not rely on the information presented on the results page. Sometimes certain results that rank highly do not get clicked on. Google occasionally modifies the search results to fit better the keyword input by users. Nevertheless, you can observe your website’s result is represented using the SERP checker. You may monitor the SERPs using Ranktracker to see how they change depending on the region, term, and other factors. After checking that you can handle the necessary changes required for your page.

Your website’s inclusion in various search engine results, such as related results, google maps, shopping searches, or product reviews, will be visible to you. RankTracker will also give you the Authority and Profile Strength scores. These can assist in tracking down links from rival websites that you can use. Considering Web audit, social platform signals, and trust flow score data can be represented.

Web Audit

Anyone who wants their website to rank well on search engines must know its performance. You can accomplish that by doing an audit and scanning your entire website. Rank tracker offers the most comprehensive site audit tool.

Rather than employing over 100 data sets to assess the potential performance of your website, the scan is quick, so you don’t waste any time. In minutes, this web audit will analyze each page of your website to see how effectively it is optimized. Audits can be performed as recurrently as you’d need, and data from earlier scans are securely archived for future use. The saved reports are all in XML files for simple team sharing.

The audit dashboard would display what is important on a scale of 1-100 after the scan is finished. This information details what is important and should be handled first. The tool can instruct you on how to resolve problems. Finding the answers no longer requires hours of internet reading. You can use Rank Tracker to contrast your most recent scan with earlier ones. As a result, you can identify ongoing faults and determine which issues have been resolved.

Keyword Finder

Using keywords allows search engines to understand a page’s topic. While other aspects of any website have gained more significance, keywords are one of the most essential. Any website can uncover keywords that can rank using Ranktracker’s excellent keyword-finding tool.

It has two modes of operation. You can utilize the keyword feature to discover fresh keywords for your SEO content plan. When you type a keyword, suggestions will be displayed. The search difficulty, location, search volume, current trends, and other information will all be included in these recommendations.

Alternatively, you can utilize the tool to conduct a domain search and discover the phrases Ranktracker estimates your website could rank for. Whether you perform a domain check or a keyword search, all returns contain the same information.

The keyword tool can also be used to find single or long-tailed keywords. Consequently, you can mix tactics to increase the visibility of your website on search engines.

Backlink Monitor

Monitoring the backlinks which you have questioned is also crucial for your website. It may take a while and be difficult to complete this assignment. But, it is rather easy with Rank tracker. This application notifies you whenever a domain is no longer ranking for you or when new links are pointing to your website. Information is presented in a convenient graph for quick access. The tool is excellent for monitoring the growth of your backlinks through time.

Each backlink may also be thoroughly examined. The domain, anchors, the presence of a spammer score, which link is on, and other factors are among those that are examined. Additionally, the program will inform you when a backlink is taken down.

Backlink Checker

Links are crucial since the websites that show up as the top Google search results typically have almost 4 times more backlinks. So you should make sure you are constructing links to your website. You may find backlinks and get a lot of data about them with the Ranktracker backlink checker. 

You can select any domain to get a quick review of that domain to determine whether a backlink would benefit your brand. Resources like website traffic and domain authority will be part of this data. Additionally, you can keep track of what your rivals are doing and apply that information in future campaigns.

SEO Checklist

SEO holds tons of details that are essential for your website ranking. The SEO task list provides a structure for setting up all of your SEO basics within a single place. Just go through it, marking activities as finished to track your website’s performance progress.

If you are starting your new website and worrying about the SEO job, then here is RankTracker to help you out. You may understand how to configure your website for the finest SEO results without having to employ an optimization specialist using this application.

You must employ the appropriate keywords on your website if you want to rank high in the results of search engines. RankTracker’s keyword research tool will determine your audience’s most appropriate target keyword.

On-page SEO is a vital part of SEO ranking. You can have everything for your website to optimize for google search with the help of actionable tasks, including headings, body copy, photos, and links.

The appropriate content strategy can boost your search engine results and bring you a ton of traffic. This tool will give the best content tactics supported for your website. Moreover, you can develop an off-page SEO plan to attract relevant websites to link to your website. All plans will be based on “white hat” methods that search engines adore.

Integrate your website optimization approach with your social media campaigns to increase traffic and gain a much-needed SEO boost.

SERP Simulator

You can view specific details like the meta description, URL, and title tag of search results as you input them with RankTracker’s Google SERP simulator. You may completely optimize meta tags using the SERP simulator’s additional features.

You may quickly fetch a site’s meta description and title using the fetch and improve function. Just type the URL and click “Fetch data” to start the process. After that, you may select the “Capitalize” checkbox to capitalize the initial letter of every word in the title. 

Title and meta description has a standard requirement of a certain number of characters and pixels according to device screen size. You can see a bar that indicates the length of your title and meta description when using RankTracker to generate snippets, titles, and descriptions. To ensure neither of them is cut, this will count both the pixels and the characters for you.

If a search query appears in the meta description, Google will normally make bold it when you perform a search. You may see how they’ll appear in your snippet whenever anyone searches using the “bold keywords” option using this tool.

Pros & Cons

The purpose of most online tools lies in their features’ advantages. Although, each of these tools can not be free of errors. Let’s have a look at RankTracker’s Pros and cons.


  • The rank tracker contains several features in it. The SEO audit and SEO checklist are useful tools that provide helpful information regarding the keywords anyone is monitoring.
  • It is quite easy/flexible and incredibly simple to set up. 
  • It provides a thorough summary of your keyword ranking’s current state.
  • Additionally, you can conduct in-depth keyword research and keep tabs on your rivals.
  • It is a very user-friendly application that makes tracking the ranking data for your website a breeze.
  • Additionally, it offers some top-notch analytical tools. That thoroughly explains how various elements have impacted your website’s ranking over time.
  • To keep it one of the market’s most precise and current rank-tracking solutions, the Ranktracker team is continually updating the plugin.
  • It offers a user-friendly dashboard. 
  • The keyword ranking position result it gives is quite accurate.


There aren’t many problems with this. It delivers on its promise and hopefully will only get better with time. It would be beneficial if it linked analytics and a search console.

RankTracker Appsumo Deal Plan and Features

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  • 100 monthly keyword finder lookups
  • 100 monthly SERP checks
  • 1000 pages audited monthly
  • 5000 backlinks rows
  • 10 Reports
  • 2 Users

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Website owners and digital marketers are certainly aware of the extreme importance of SEO. Many applications are developed based on SEO-focused criteria to improve SEO performance. Rank tracker is a tool and probably one of the better-performing SEO optimization tools according to users’ evaluations. 

Their dedicated team is always working to enhance the software performance and keep it on the better run. As a website owner, if you are having difficulties concentrating on your SEO factors, you should give a hand to this comprehensive SEO application.

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