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by Rasedul Hasan Rasel

A CRM can assist firms in identifying connections and tendencies that can be used to enhance the customer experience by tracking client interactions. It could also be utilized to automate marketing and sales procedures, making it simpler for companies to manage their client connections even though various kinds of CRM systems are available. They all have the same general objective of assisting businesses in better understanding and serving their consumers.

It is challenging for any company to launch successful sales and marketing efforts. Nevertheless, marketing projects will eventually have a thriving launch with the aid of the correct CRM system. A customer relationship management system, also known as CRM, is a piece of software created to assist companies in managing their client information. Here, we will talk about one of the most powerful CRM software, Samdock CRM. 

Let’s have a glance to know detailed functionalities, advantages, and much more about Samdock CRM.

What Is Samdock CRM?

Samdock is a CRM software that enables users to reduce error rates, improve workflows, and bring order-to-customer interactions. It is the easiest and most powerful CRM for small businesses. This tool is designed to assist you in selling as successfully as possible, gaining better insights, and accomplishing more business deals.

Users can concentrate on their goals and advance using the sales processes more quickly because of Samdock’s thoughtfully developed design. It is a Germany-based CRM platform.

How Does Samdock CRM Works?

Using a Samdock CRM platform arrangement, transparency, and efficient strategies in any customer activities can help to save a lot of time. And assist in the challenging work of managing customers. Samdock’s constrained feature set frees you up to focus best selling methods. The CRM radically helps to simplify CRM, Sales, and Customer Relationship Management without overstuffing the system with its features. 

You can make a webpage in Samdock and integrate it into your website with just a few clicks. The requests can then be sent directly to your system from visitors to your website. You may connect your website or other external resources. And have new requests come into Samdock automatically using their integrated straightforward webforms and API connections. This tool can deliver and increase your leads.

Samdock’s constrained features free you up to focus on what you should do to enhance selling. It can help to learn more about the client’s current details and situation, such as whether the lead has already been approached or refused. You’ll have total visibility thanks to a unique, network-wide overview. Using this, users can be prepared to start right away. Create filters to quickly visualize critical information when you require it, then store the filter as a view to keep it readily available at all times.

What Are The Key Features Of Samdock?

Samdock CRM has developed a few strong features to increase your sales funnel in your business. The following is the list of Samdock features:

Contacts & Activities

One CRM platform can clearly organize all contacts, customer details, interested parties, and activities. Contact information can be easily organized using Samdock.

  • Contact List

In any organization, whether small or large, maintaining contact information and keeping the list correct is a challenge. While using Samdock any user can easily create and manage contact lists effortlessly within minutes. Whenever you meet with interested parties or customers, all contact information will be organized for you to operate at any time.

  • Contact history 

Users can easily keep track of all the contact of their company and related organization within a simple and single interface. All employees’ and customers’ contact and call history can be easily identified and tracked. From customer service to marketing staff and collaborated organizations, all details of contact records can be easily captured and managed.

  • Custom fields

There can be a few important details regarding any clients, such as – name, address, email, contact number, etc. This information can be easily inserted into contact records or customer information to add extra detail or change whenever necessary. Custom fields can be used to edit contact information, which is crucial for any organization because any time customers’ information needs to be updated or customized.

  • Custom views 

Custom views allow users to preview prospects and clients in one central location. This feature is available under the contacts & activities feature page.

Leads & Deals

Samdock can help users to clear customer inquiries, leads, and deal processing.

  • Lead qualification

Samdock will find out if the lead is qualified for your business or not. It will also provide some basic details of relevancy and potential buyers. This CRM will determine which prospective clients are interested in buying something. It’s an important section of the sales pipeline because it typically attracts several leads but only can convert a small percentage of them.

  • Deal Pipelines

The lead qualification will help to determine the proper deal stages and process. Samdock CRM will help you to track your potential customers and understand the deal pipeline using their data-driven analytics and prediction models.

  • Request filtering

There might have been a ton of leads coming to your business, but you have to filter out those leads, which are the potential buyers. This filtering system will help you filter out those leads who will not buy your services or products.

  • Webform sources

Using this CRM, you will be able to find out the website which has potential buyers and sources from a variety of digital platforms.

Tasks & Teams

Users can easily set deadlines, assign projects, and schedule follow-ups with your team.

  • Task creation

Samdock allows you to create tasks you can assign to your team members and set a due date. Users can create a variety of tasks within a project or add tasks to different projects. Tasks can be easily created from anywhere using this task management tool which enables you to save a greater amount of time.

  • Task organization

After creating a task, you can view a list of all tasks that have been added to the software. The task list can be filtered, edited, or organized at any time according to any customized date and time. Tasks can also be grouped into different categories, such as high priority or the ones that are due to urgent schedules.

  • Calendar Synchronisation

This CRM platform provides a smart and customized calendar that can be synchronized with the current time and date.

  • Tools for Teamwork

Managing a bunch of team members and their projects can be quite tricky. Samdock will help you to manage your team and their projects by providing some advanced tools for teamwork.

Companion App

On-the-go users can access all of their added contacts and documentation activity

  • Activity logging

Under the Companion App feature, you will have activity logs you have done using Samdock CRM. This will help you to see what documents you have created and what documents you have opened with details. The activity log will help you to check and track your activity, which can be beneficial for audit purposes or if you forget to record something.

  • Customer management

As CRM promises to provide a centralized point for storing and managing your customer information, this section of Samdock provides a smart customer management system.

  • Desktop Synchronization

All of your CRM data will be synchronized if you enable the desktop synchronization option. This will ensure you get a notification of any update to your CRM data.

  • Download Data

If you need the full version of the data you created using Samdack CRM, you can download all of the customer information and relevant data. You can utilize or print those data whenever necessary.


Obtain data from external sources, then automatically collect leads, contacts, and deals.

  • Import to Samdock

If you have organized records, documents, or any other files regarding your customers, staff, and business, Samdock will make it easy to import those files to the CRM.

  • Web forms

Users can also create custom forms for lead generation to increase sales. The forms can be customized to include questions and fields specific to your service or product.

  • API sources

This platform also allows you to import external API sources per your requirements.

Integrations With Several Platforms

Expand and incorporate Samdock into your current system landscape quickly. Samdock lets you integrate with a few working platforms. Such as:

  • Gmail
  • Zapier
  • Outlook
  • Lexoffice

Is Samdock CRM Right For Your Business?

Samdock is among the top CRM systems; however, many of them exist. 

You can utilize it easily because it is one of the best useful CRM systems. It is also among the most reasonably priced CRM solutions.

You may manage your sales and customer connections with the aid of this software. It is a simple-to-use solution made specifically for small o t medium, and medium-sized organizations.

Who Should Use Samdock?

Samdock CRM is a comprehensively functional Customer Relationship Management tool that helps users to run their businesses efficiently. It is built to assist small and medium-sized businesses manage their customer, staff, and financial data and make it accessible easily. The following categories of people can take the best advantage of this software:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Contractors 
  • Freelancers
  • Small to average-scale business owner

Pricing Of Samdock

Samdock is offering three pricing plans with different package features and user access.

  1. Standard Plan at 15 euros (1-2 users)
  2. Professional Plan at 30 euros ( 3 users or more)
  3. Enterprise Plan at 50 euros (20 or more users)

These all are yearly subscription plans, although there is a monthly plan available under all three plans for users. Additionally, all monthly or yearly packages provide 10 days free trial for clients.

Samdock: Appsumo Deal

wordhero lifetime deal

At Appsumo, Samdock CRM offers a lifetime deal only at $99. Within sixty days of your purchase, you must redeem your code to get a discount.

Generally, the lifetime cost of the Samdock CRM software is $2,340.

Merits And Demerits of Samdock CRM

Samdock CRM software has some benefits and drawbacks, much like most other types of software. Let’s look at this tool’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • The User interface of Samdock CRM is quite attractive and flexible. Users can easily understand the layout, making them utilize the software effortlessly.
  • Users can use the system from anywhere and anytime.
  • It can save your precious time by managing all of the tasks easily.
  • Samdock CRM is ideal for businesses that require centralized management of projects, time, sales, finances, and reporting.
  • The system can track down your potential leads and increase sales.
  • All team members working details with individual employee info can be maintained from here.
  • An advanced synchronized calendar system can keep your task list on schedule.
  • Customer and employee contact lists and histories can be added and generated to provide users with comfortable data maintenance.


  • It provides a simple Mobile app. You can enter contacts manually and record tasks and calls. The mobile app is not efficient enough.
  • They do not offer any email or phone number verification.

The Bottom Line

Smartly implemented, adaptable Samdock CRM is generally a good application for maintaining business activities, capable of bringing together your customer relationships and sales data. Additionally, offering you analytics and managing daily contacts as an entrepreneur or a company manager.

A solid CRM system is essential for your business to run it smartly. Also, this tool makes it easier to manage your business by saving time. Moreover, it aids in task organization and effort monitoring for your marketing and sales campaigns. It is a fantastic CRM system since it is straightforward, user-friendly, and packed with functionality.

Samdock is the ideal CRM system if you’re searching for the best.


Is there a free trial available from Samdock?

Yes, there is a free trial. All of their plans consist of a ten-day free trial.

Which languages are supported by Samdock CRM?

English and German are the two languages that Samdock supports.

What forms of assistance does Samdock provide?

Samdock CRM offers support during business hours and online chat.

What kind of training support does Samdock offer?

Samdock offers training through webinars, live online classes/video tutorials, and manuals.

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