SiteGuru Lifetime Deal [$49] – Best Traffic Boosting SEO Tool 2022

by Rasedul Hasan Rasel

Wondering how to get more traffic? If so, SEO is your biggest concern. Getting a good SEO rank is hard. If you’re not an SEO expert, managing SEO can be a nightmare for you.

By using a proper SEO tool, you can prioritize your SEO to-do list, improve your website, and get more traffic from Google. However, there are many SEO tools in the market. So, finding such a tool can be overwhelming for you. With this in mind, I have come up with a solution for you.

Meet SiteGuru.

In this article, you will learn more about SiteGuru. Learn how it can help you improve website SEO and get more organic traffic flow from Google. 

What is SiteGuru?

SiteGuru is a one-stop SEO solution that is ideal even for beginners. It will provide complete SEO audits with lots of insights. By analyzing these reports, you will know exactly where you need to improve to increase your SEO rank.

SiteGuru is a powerful alternative to Curated Seo Tools, MaaxMarket, OnCrawl SEO Chrome extension,, SEOPTIMER Beta, Seomator, Fandango SEO, Coronaaah, and more.

With SiteGuru, you can start fixing SEO issues in just 15 minutes. To do that, it provides actionable and easy-to-understand to-do lists. All you have to do is, follow the to-do list. It helps you spot new SEO opportunities and shows you the results of the changes you made.


As I’ve mentioned earlier, SiteGuru is a one-stop SEO solution, and its purpose is to simplify SEO tasks. It comes packed with a ton of features to let you do that. Some of the widely used features are described below-

  • Automated site crawls

This feature of SiteGuru is outstanding. It automatically crawls your entire website and shows you a complete picture of your site, including- Sitemaps, internal links, and canonical. SiteGuru will send you a fresh SEO report every single week.

  • SEO to-do list

Once you start using SiteGuru, it will generate hundreds of different data points to gather important insights. It provides this insight through more than 20 types of reports. But you don’t want to read 20 different reports, do you? So, this makes for an actionable SEO to-do list. This way you will always know what to do next.

  • Meta descriptions & page titles

If you have a lot of posts on your site, you may encounter the problem of duplicate titles and meta descriptions. A duplicated title of meta can hurt your SEO rank very badly. And you don’t want that. With SiteGuru, you can find and fix these issues with ease.

  • Monitor your SEO performance

If you don’t track your website, you can’t track your SEO performance. That’s why SiteGuru lets you connect to Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Once connected, you can turn SiteGuru into an advanced SEO dashboard.

  • Indexation

Your website has a lot of web pages. Some of these pages are indexable, while others may contain technical errors. Once you connect your Google Search Console account to SiteGuru, it will use a brand-new page inspection tool to alert you to those issues. And you will have complete control over indexation.

  • Broken links & redirects

A broken link like 404, 500, 429, or 410 can hurt your SEO rank badly. Since your audience doesn’t enjoy getting those errors. With SiteGuru, you can check for these errors, identify link issues, and improve your internal linking.

  • Structured Data

Structured Data is the best way to enhance your visibility in search engines. Using SiteGuru, you can scan and identify if a page has schema markup or not. If not, you can add Schema to improve your visibility.

  • Sitemaps

Keeping your sitemap up to date is vital to SEO rank. But how do you know if the sitemap is up-to-date and accurate? SiteGuru provides detailed sitemap reports. This way, you can easily find broken pages, missing pages, and redirected pages.  And can fix the sitemap accordingly.

Learn more about SiteGuru features.

How much does SiteGuru cost?

So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to confusing SEO reports and complicated spreadsheets. Using SiteGuru, you can boost the performance of On-page & technical SEO with ease. SiteGuru comes with three different pricing plans- Starter, Medium, and Agency.

  • Starter – at 29 USD per month. 
    • 2 websites.
    • Unlimited users.
    • Responsive support.
  • Medium – at 49 USD per month.
    • 10 websites.
    • Unlimited users.
    • Responsive support.
  • Agency – at 149 USD per month.
    • 50 websites.
    • Unlimited users.
    • Priority support.
    • White label reports.

SiteGuru Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Did you know that many people don’t like paying monthly subscription fees for software and services? If you feel the same way, you are not alone. Well, I have good news for you. 

Now you can get SiteGuru without paying monthly subscription fees. AppSumo brought a lifetime deal for SiteGuru. Pay one time, and use it for a lifetime.

Get SiteGuru at a one-time price of 49 USD only.

  • 1 website.
  • Up to 500 pages.
  • Unlimited users – invite clients and colleagues.
  • Export all reports to CSV.
  • Download Word reports.
  • Stacking info: each additional code = 1 more site with 500 pages.


  • The SEO to-do list feature seems the best feature to me. Best for beginners.
  • The pricing plan seems very affordable to me.
  • Now you can get SiteGuru with a lifetime deal.
  • With SiteGuru, you can easily keep track of your SEO performance.
  • It can find broken links like 404, 500, 429, or 410.
  • SiteGuru can scan and identify if a page has schema markup or not.


  • You can use SiteGuru for only 2 websites with the Starter plan.
  • White-label reports are only available with the Agency plan.


To sum up, I’ve been using SiteGuru for a couple of months now. And I must say, I am impressed by the number of beneficial aspects it provides compared to the price I paid. It guides you through the entire SEO journey. And tell you what you need to do next. Even if you are a complete beginner, you can achieve a higher SEO rank with it. I highly recommend SiteGuru.

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