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by Rasedul Hasan Rasel

There are many bots that you can use for Instagram and Facebook, but not all of them have a visual flow builder. Today, I will introduce you to a chatbot software that is different from the others.

In this article, you are going to learn about SocialNowa Chatbot. You will know what it is, what it does, and how much it costs. You will also learn about the lifetime deal and my opinion of it.

Introducing:  SocialNowa Chatbot Lifetime Deal

What Is SocialNowa Chatbot?

SocialNowa Chatbot is a machine that helps you sell things and make appointments. It also helps you get contact information from people. You can use it on Messenger to do your marketing for you.

SocialNowa ChatBot is a software that helps you with your marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It can automate your posts and help you create leads. It also helps you schedule content. SocialNowa Chatbot is easy to use because it doesn’t require any code to create Facebook and Instagram chatbots.

Best For: Marketing Agencies, Online Coaches, Social Media Managers.

Alternative To: Chatrace, Manychat.

SocialNowa Chatbot Powerful Features

Automated Lead Generation

The SocialNowa Chatbot will help you to get the phone numbers and emails of people who might be your targeted lead. You only have to set it up once and it will do the work for you. This will save you time and money that you would spend getting this information yourself.

Messenger Ecommerce Store

You will not need to buy any more websites or landing pages. SocialNowa lets you sell from a messenger eCommerce. This is easy to use and set up, and it also happens automatically.

Auto Answer Presale Queries

The SocialNowa Chatbot will answer questions from your customers. By using quick, appropriate responses, you will be able to make them happy and satisfied.

Social Media Post Scheduler

SocialNowa is a chatbot that helps you keep your social media pages consistent. They have an in-built scheduler that can help you get rid of other tools you might be using.

Visual Drag And Drop Bot Builder

SocialNowa Chatbot makes it easy to build a bot. With SocalNowa’s visual drag-and-drop bot builder, you can create bots that are easy to use.

Live Chat Feature

This allows you to quickly access Live Chat and Human Takeover. This way, you can be sure that your conversion is confirmed.

Chatbot Templates

It can be hard to make a chatbot from the beginning. But SocialNowa Chatbot can help you. They have more than 30 templates for chatbots that you can use. This will help you finish your chatbot much faster.

Website Messenger Chat Plugin

The chat plugin lets your website visitors chat with you on Messenger. They don’t need to log in to Messenger to do this.

M.Me Link

SocialNowa Chatbot is a tool that can help you generate an link to your messenger bot. This will help you increase bot engagement and lead users through your funnel.

Instagram Automation

The SocialNowa Chatbot helps you answer Instagram comments, mentions, and messages right away. This increases engagement with followers, customers, and leads.

SocialNowa Chatbot Lifetime Deal On Appsumo

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Deal Terms & Condition

  • Lifetime Access
  • All Future Updates
  • You Have To Redeem Your Code Within 60 Days
  • Stack Up 10 Codes

Deal Features

  • Automate order collection and appointment booking
  • Create a store and sell digital products with Messenger ecommerce
  • Social media post scheduler
  • Auto-comment and auto-reply on posts
  • Create Facebook Messenger bot
  • Bulk posting to your social media accounts
  • Facebook hidden interest explorer
  • Unlimited social posting

10% Discount on SocialNowa Chatbot Appsumo Lifetime Deal

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SocialNowa Chatbot is a great chatbot. You can use it to automate your social media marketing, lead generation, customer services and more. I have used many chatbot software platforms, and Socialnowa is one of the best. You should get the lifetime deal for SocialNowa Chatbot now.

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