TopicMojo Review and Lifetime Deal: Social Media & Content Assistant Tool

by Rasedul Hasan Rasel

It can be difficult to find writing topics that people will be interested in and that you have time for. You might spend hours looking for topics, but not know if you are wasting your time. TopicMojo is a tool created by Ahmed Qureshi that can help with this problem.

We all look for new content ideas from time to time so that we can attract potential customers. TopicMojo can help with this. With TopicMojo, you can discover all of the helpful questions or phrases that people are searching for on popular search engines like Google. This tool is very useful for those who are serious about their content, items, and services.

Introducing: TopicMojo Lifetime Deal.

What Is TopicMojo?

TopicMojo is a software that helps you learn more about your topic. You can get ideas for keywords by using the automated intent generator and keyword exploration tool. The people who created BrandOverflow also made TopicMojo.

Best For: E-commerce, Marketers, Sales Managers.

TopicMojo Appsumo Deal [$59]

  • Lifetime Access
  • Topic model – 500 queries/month
  • Question finder (SERP/Reddit/Quora) – 500 queries/month
  • Outline – 50 queries/month
  • 1 workspace
  • 2 saved lists
  • 1 team member(s)
  • All languages
  • Full export options – CSV & pdf
  • Shareable reports via link

Stacking info:

  • Topic model – each stacked code gives an additional 500 queries/month
  • Question finder – each stacked code gives an additional 500 queries/month
  • Outline – each stacked code gives an additional 50 queries/month
  • Workspaces – each stacked code gives an additional 1 workspace
  • Saved lists – Each stacked code gives an additional 2 lists
  • Team members – each stacked code gives an additional 1 team member
  • Custom domain unlocks upon stacking 5 codes in total

TopicMojo Powerful Features

  • The TopicMojo tool is a good way to search for multiple key phrases and get ideas for what your customer might be thinking about. By looking at what other people in your industry are writing about, TopicMojo can help you figure out which areas you should focus on. It also suggests topics that are more likely to be valuable to you, rather than topics that are obvious.
  • TopicMojo helps users find information about their research by creating a list of topics and ideas related to products and brands. This feature helps users understand and organize large amounts of data.
  • The topic modeling feature could help you to understand what your customers are interested in. You can see if they are interested in shopping, comparisons, questions, local things, or research. If you use the search listening feature, you will be alerted when new suggestions that relate to your topic are made.
  • We think it is good that this software extracts topics and questions from websites like Amazon, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Forums, Updates, and YouTube.
  • We found it easy to use this website. We like how we can compare information and find the most current data. The information is easy to understand.
  • The new forums, videos, tweets, news, and grouping updates make the site more valuable. You can use this as a chance to teach your students about question structure and cross-domain learning.
  • This product is also very affordable because it comes in stacks. This means that you can buy up to 20 stacks based on your needs.

TopicMojo Review Conclusion

This tool may be the best for writing rank-able content. Ahmed Qureshi designed TopicMojo to be a research platform that covers all angles of a topic. It is very simple to use, but it is also very powerful. This tool makes it much easier to create quality content. The way it works is impressive. Everyone should have this tool. The only disadvantage is that you need the SEO Data add-on to see the SEO data. But this product is otherwise good and has a good reputation.

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