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by Rasedul Hasan Rasel

Our everyday life is leaning on technology more and more. And this technology sector is being taken over by Artificial Intelligence slowly. Numerous online platforms require articles to promote and engage their audiences. Content writing is not an easy task, instead, it involves brainstorming, research, typing, and much more to accomplish. You have to spend a lot of time and effort if you want to produce content that will be helpful and interesting for your audience.

What if there is a tool to ease your content writing job? Today we will introduce Writecream, a smart AI copywriting platform to make your writing job more manageable quickly. Writecream lets you quickly create unique introductions for emails, blog posts, advertisements, and articles. Furthermore, there are so many other benefactors as well. Keep reading to learn more about Writercream.

What Is Writecream?

Writecream is an AI-based automated writing assistant solution that can quickly and affordably write marketing copy, social media posts, sales emails, and many more. Every user will receive a tailored experience thanks to this AI-powered copywriting software. You can create long-form articles, such as blog posts and video scripts, in a matter of clicks.

It can create advertisement manuscripts quickly for Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Writecream can help you to generate backlinks, video scripts, LinkedIn InMails, Product titles/descriptions, and many more to connect with your target audience.

How Writecream Works?

‘Writecream’ was developed to satisfy the demands of today’s content creators, in particular, writers. It utilizes artificial intelligence to generate rapid and simple content effortlessly. It provides a straightforward UI that is quick and simple to use.

You can use Writecream’s extended Form Editor, which has cutting-edge capabilities like summarizing, enlarging posts, a plagiarism checker, and rewriting content to develop the created content. Also, there are specialized tools to create landing page articles, Facebook & Google Ads, FAQs or Quora responses, product descriptions, and more. The other key features are podcasts and YouTube videos’ speech signals (voiceover).

It features AI-powered technology to identify your writing errors and adjust your experience to fit your unique writing tone. Additionally, it provides a drag-and-drop layout that makes it simple to produce and distribute original content to your audience that is plagiarism free. Writecream offers many SEO-friendly tools to convert your content to the next level.

Features of Writecream

The goal of Writecream is to simplify the content development procedure and increase revenue through a cold approach. Therefore, it has many functions to enable you to maintain your activity smartly. Here, we have discussed several appealing features of Writecream. We can categorize the features into some key categories. Such as :

  1. Icebreakers (for sales)
  2. Digital Ads Copy
  3. Articles & Blogs
  4. SEO & Copywriting
  5. Video & Audio
  6. Social Media
  7. eCommerce


Writecream provides this Icebreaker service to boost your sales. Additionally, it raises your click-through rate for email marketing. You could find this functionality helpful if your potential customer disregards your email. 

Under the Icebreaker feature, there are five options: Cold Emails, LinkedIn Outreach, Backlink Campaigns, Image Icebreaker, and Audio IceBreaker.

Cold Emails

With the aid of WriteCream’s email marketing tool, you may grow your email list and interact with your readers. It makes it simple to develop sales processes and email campaigns using prewritten themes.WriteCream offers a vast library of information and templates for email marketing campaigns. Using Writecream, you can create customized emails and email content within a few simple clicks.

LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn is a professional web platform where people can follow your profile, link with you, and you can share your career info to get a job. Getting found on LinkedIn takes a lot of work, effort, and time. 

Writecream welcomes you to create a customized message for LinkedIn InMails and connection requests. You should make a list with the recipients’ names and Links and upload it to “Upload LinkedIn List” if you want to create several customized messages. You must ensure that the data file you are uploading has to be in CSV format.

Use these straightforward techniques to generate LinkedIn messages. Write the URL/link of your LinkedIn profile and click on the “Generate” option.

Audio Icebreaker

Make expert audio icebreakers for successful cold outreach. To increase your success rates with cold call outreach, use Writecream’s AI-powered Audio Icebreaker Generator to produce a range of audio icebreakers. Audio icebreakers that sound like humans can generate aesthetically attractive content for your prospects.

Image Icebreaker 

To successfully conduct cold outreach, you may create excellent image icebreakers using Writecream’s AI Image Icebreaker tool Generator. Your probability of success will increase with it. You can develop icebreakers utilizing all the elements you need in one location with Writecream’s Image Icebreaker Generator within five minutes.

Digital Ads Copy

The ability of advertisements to bring and turn visitors into regular customers is crucial. However, it takes time to write compelling digital ad text. Thankfully, Writecream can be helpful. You may use it to develop digital ad copy for Instagram, Google, and Facebook. Additionally, copy features for LinkedIn and Twitter advertising are being designed.

Google Ad Copy

Using Writecream’s Google Ad Generator, you can write Google ad copy for your advertisements in a short 5 minutes. With Writecream’s Google Advertising Generator, you may construct your whole campaign. You are simply utilizing the numerous specialized tools for Google Ads, keyword research tools, ads keyword mixers, and many more.

Facebook Ad Copy

Using Writecream’s Facebook Ad Generator, you can produce engaging and convincing ad copy for Facebook advertising within 5 minutes. Also, Instagram Ads copy swiftly can be generated with Writecream. LinkedIn and Twitter ad copy feature is under development.

Articles & Blogs

Additionally, you may generate blog ideas, intros & outros, compelling bullet points, article conclusions, long-form editors (AI article writers), and much more. Writecream includes a feature called Blog Heading Expander.  

Long Form Editor (AI Article Writer)

Writecream allows users to produce long-form material using a variety of styles and formats with the Writecream Long Form Editor. It is a fully-customizable word processor. Several formatting options in the application make it simple to write blogs and articles that are neat and simple to read. One of the software’s most robust features is the capability to utilize numerous themes and simplify things to write in various styles.

Blog Ideas, Intros & Outline

Writecream is a fantastic tool for creating blog post ideas. It is a straightforward tool that poses a few queries and then suggests blog topics/outlines based on your responses. Using this tool to generate blog article ideas is highly recommended. 

It has a specific feature for blog articles outline; using this, you may create a compelling blog introduction using Writecream’s Blog Intro tool. It is easily accessible in one location; you can also make the entire blog content. 

Blog Heading Expander

Writecream’s Blog Heading Expander feature is a great option to make your blog articles reach another level. You can increase blog traffic and boost your SEO with this helpful tool. This essential tool can assist you in producing unique and intriguing articles.

Blog Conclusion

To create blog articles, Writecream employs a clever and original algorithm. With WriteCream’s Blog Conclusion tool, you can also write a lovely blog conclusion.

SEO & Copywriting

You may also get assistance from Writecream with SEO copywriting. As you know, SEO copywriting is an essential factor in website ranking. You can benefit from features like value proposition, before-after bridge, and features. Also, you can write SEO meta descriptions and the website’s title and subheading.

SEO Meta Descriptions

WriteCream’s SEO Meta Descriptions Tool is an excellent tool for accurately writing your meta descriptions. You can write meta descriptions for articles or websites using this appropriate tool for search engines. You may personalize meta descriptions to enhance their appeal and effectiveness to search engines, and it is simple to use. 

Website Titles & Sub-headlines

Let’s say you’re having problems thinking of engaging blog names, website headlines, or interesting sub-headlines. In such a scenario, you may use Writecream’s website headline and sub-headline generators to quickly and easily produce appealing headlines, captivating titles, and attractive subtitles.

Before-After-Bridge Copywriter

The Before-After-Bridge Copywriting Tool is an excellent option for improving your content writing. You can use the tool to add a link to your material to make it easier to jump from one topic to another. You may also use the tool to construct an upcoming topic idea to make it easier to return to your initial concept. This is a great approach to improve your content even further.

Video & Audio

Promoting your company and increasing website traffic using YouTube is a splendid idea. A good video takes time to produce. You may now reduce the time significantly thanks to Writecream. It can make podcasts, YouTube video ideas, voice notes, YouTube video scripts, and YouTube video voiceover.

YouTube Video Ideas Generator

You can use the option ‘YouTube Video Ideas Generator” to assist you in producing different video content for your YouTube channel using Writecream. It helps you to make great clips utilizing the tool’s various capabilities and ease of use. Using this tool, you can generate many contents related to your video.

YouTube Podcast Generator & Voice-over

Writecream enables you to record a voiceover for videos with its Voice-Over generator. Using the recorders of YouTube videos, this program may produce podcasts and voiceovers of the highest caliber. This is an excellent tool for anyone who tends to add more engagement to their content. For individuals willing to record a voiceover for a podcast, this tool can help a lot. 

Social Media

You can utilize Writecream to generate snappy social media posts, product evaluations, appealing bullet points, and Quora answers. You may quickly expand the social accounts for your company with this information.

Engaging Social Posts

Use Writecream to generate snappy social media posts, appealing bullet points, product evaluations, and Quora answers. It helps to quickly expand the social accounts for your company with this information.


Social Media Post Captions

You can create engaging content, exciting captions, and titles for Instagram and other social media platforms within a short time with Writecream’s Social Media Post Captions tools to catch your target audience.

Product Reviews Generator

You can utilize Writecream’s Product Reviews Generator to create product reviews on your behalf. Product evaluations are crucial for a company’s success, yet writing appealing product reviews is difficult & time-consuming.

Quora Answer Assistant

For content marketers, the Quora Answering Assistant is a great resource. White cream has a Quora Answer Assistant tool that you can use if you’re searching to assist you in responding to any questions you come across. It is a beautiful technique to make your response seem more presentable.


Using Writecream’s Product Descriptions tool, you can easily create original product details for your pages. Value propositions are essential for grabbing the interest of your target audience. To position, your product in the target market, use Writecream’s value proposition tool to produce the best value propositions possible. The most recent e-commerce product descriptions technique is included in Writecream’s tool.

What is the price of Writecream?

Wthithout any hassle you can write 1000+ words in 30 minutes by using this fantastic AI writer. 

There are four plans available:

  1. Free Forever:
  • 20 credits (40k characters)
  • 20 icebreakers
  • 2 long articles (5k words each)
  • 4 short articles (1k words each)
  • 4 podcasts
  • 4 youtube voice overs
  • Every content template
  • Chat and email support
  • Access to all tools
  • Access to the newest features
  • AI copywriters community

2. Unlimited (Limited Offer):

  • Unlimited words
  • Unlimited long articles (5k words each)
  • Unlimited short articles (1k words each)
  • Unlimited podcasts
  • Unlimited youtube voice-overs
  • Every content template
  • Chat and email support
  • Access to all tools
  • Access to the newest features
  • AI copywriters community

3. Standard:

  • 200 credits (40k characters)
  • 200 icebreakers
  • 20 long articles (5k words each)
  • 40 short articles (1k words each)
  • 40  podcasts
  • 40  youtube voice overs
  • Every content tamaplate
  • Chat and email support
  • Access to all tools
  • Access to newest features
  • AI copywriters community

4. Expanded: 

  • 750 credits (40k characters)
  • 750 icebreakers
  • 75 long articles (5k words each)
  • 150 short articles (1k words each)
  • 150 podcasts
  • 150 youtube voice-overs
  • Every content template
  • Chat and email support
  • Access to all tools
  • Access to the newest features
  • AI copywriters community

Writecream Appsumo Deals at $59:

Appsumo is running a promotion campaign for Writecream at $59, the targeted Lifetime Deal. This offer is ideal for saving your money with piles of services.

Deal Plan Includes:

  • 200 credits per month
  • 40+ tools access and future all tools access
  • 75+ languages 
  • Lifetime appsumo writecream deal access

To get 10% extra discount on Appsumo Lifetime Deal:

If you join Appsumo Plus membership panel you will get 10% discount on every purchase.


  • It can help you to generate customized content that is 100% unique.
  • Icebreaker feature will give you a bunch of marketing & sales features which can help you a lot for our business growth effortlessly.
  • Social media tools enable you to enhance your content quality.
  • It provides more than 40 SEO tools to improve and make your blog article SEO optimized.
  • Using Writecream’s digital Ad copy feature, you can create the most effective advertisement output.
  • This tool lets you create good quality audio and video for youtube or podcasts.


  •  Although Writecream has many brilliant features, they do not offer unlimited packages.
  • It has a credit-based content creation system; remember this fact while creating content.
  • As it produces AI/machine-generated content or article, you must proofread to verify whether the information is authentic or irrelevant.

Final Verdict 

There are many AI assistant tools on the market, but Writecream is one of the best tools to ease your daily content creation tasks. This platform has built other features keeping users’ regular content development needs in mind. If you want to create unique content and make your task easy, you should try Writecream!

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